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Assistance in tax audit

Assistance in tax audit

Preparation, representation and support before and during tax or fiscal control.

Mobile Application (64) The comprehensive support of taxpayer with regard to a tax audit.

KPMG provides assistance in client’s preparation for potential tax audit as well as provides support during its course. Services offered by transfer pricing team include preparation of appropriate arguments, assistance in conducting studies and gathering documentation supporting the taxpayer’s position regarding transfer pricing.

Assistance during a tax audit

KPMG offers support during all stages of audit conducted by representatives of tax authorities. We prepare our clients for the potential audit by performing analysis of the documents in order to identify and eliminate sources of risk associated with the possibility of imposing a penalty by the tax authority. A team of KPMG experts participates in the control of transfer pricing providing the taxpayer with appropriate arguments to defend its position by joint strategy. KPMG experts, being familiar with the actual circumstances, represent the taxpayer by providing both substantial and procedural support.

Preparation of defense file

Taking into account more effective tax controls in the area of transfer pricing and assurances of Ministry of Finance that intra-group settlements will be subject of increased tax controls, KPMG recommends preparation of supplementary documentation i.e. defense file. Defense file, next to transfer pricing documentation, provides additional protection of taxpayer from potential questioning of the transaction by the tax authorities and assessment of additional income. Support offered by KPMG in this field include, among the others: identification, gathering, classification and organization of evidence, which confirm realization of transaction and the validity of the level of settlements.


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