Vendor due diligence (VDD)

Vendor due diligence (VDD)

The vendor due diligence report constitutes a credible report suitable for corporate and financial buyers.

The vendor due diligence report constitutes a credible report suitable for buyers.

 At an early stage of the disposal process and based on the vendor’s request we prepare a vendor due diligence report with respect to the target company for potential purchasers which includes an independent analysis and evaluation of the financial, commercial, operational and tax relating issues of the business.

The vendor due diligence report constitutes a credible, independent report suitable for both corporate and financial buyers and considers typical purchasers’ concerns, including opportunities as well as risks and focuses on key value drivers. As our work is in progress we provide continuous feedback to the target’s management on issues identified during vendor due diligence process.


The key VDD benefits for the sell-side are, inter alia:

  • Full control over the type and scope of information being disclosed to potential investors
  • An opportunity for more investors to participate in the negotiation process, which should improve the sell–side's bargaining position
  • Appropriately early identification of key issues, which allows the sell–side to adjust its negotiation strategy and eliminate identified risks
  • Time and resources savings – shorter involvement of the target’s financial and accounting personnel; a single due diligence process instead of separate due diligence processes for each investor
  • Time-efficiency leading to faster transaction completion.


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