Initial public offering (IPO)

Initial public offering (IPO)

We provide a wide range of assistance in the IPO process, which is influenced by stock market requirements and local legal requirements.

We provide a wide range of assistance in the IPO process.

We can provide a wide range of assistance; in particular:

  • An initial assessment of the company's suitability for listing by undertaking a 'pre-float review' to help determine whether the company meets relevant regulatory requirements, as well as identification of other potential issues. The review can also be used to establish a plan of action to prepare the company for its IPO (“Pre-IPO assessment”)
  • Assistance in maximising IPO valuation by preparing a comprehensive report on the business supported by a credible financial track record (“Long form report”)
  • Advice on effective corporate governance and internal procedures to control business risk by benchmarking proposed procedures against best practice, reassessing information technology strategies and ultimately, for public offering, assuring IPO sponsors on the adequacy of the systems of reporting and control (“Long form report”)
  • Assessment of forecasted working capital requirements for the purpose of required statement by the management in the prospectus that the company has sufficient working capital for its present requirements (“Working capital report”).


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