Services related to anti-bribery and corruption

Services related to anti-bribery and corruption

Independent assessment of anti-corruption solutions.

Independent evaluation and advisory in the area of anti-corruption solutions.

KPMG Forensic and Dispute Services team provides clients with independent verification and assessment of control mechanisms and internal procedures in the area of anti-corruption. Using our extensive experience, we provide professional services to clients, including reviews related to foreign legislation i.e. FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act) or UK Bribery Act.


Poor anti-bribery controls might cause lowering ethical standards, loss of client’s trust and also run the risk of inspections and substantial financial penalties imposed by regulators.

Dynamic growth of domestic and international regulation network in the area of company’s internal controls increases the need for implementation and maintenance of effective anti-corruption mechanism.

On operational level organizations have to fulfill the obligation of performing analysis of bribery and corruption risk assessment, review of relationships with third parties (so called third party due diligence), introduce detailed procedures, ethical standards and code of conduct as well as communicate and enforce them effectively, including proper trainings for employees.


KPMG Forensic Team supports clients in achieving the highest anti-corruption standards by:

  • Conducting a risk assessment, review and evaluation of the control environment
  • Providing gap analysis and comparison of the current state of the controls with the best industry standards
  • Review and assessment of cooperation with third parties
  • Verification of existing anti-corruption policies and procedures
  • Reviewing the risk of bribery relating to mergers and acquisitions
  • Providing trainings to employees and third parties
  • Support in specialized regulatory audits (FCPA and others). 


In the course of our engagements we collaborate with management helping to ensure that proposed solutions are conversant with the needs of the organization.

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