Corporate Intelligence

Corporate Intelligence

Identification and presentation of publicly available information on individuals and organizations.

Corporate intelligence services on individuals and organizations.

KPMG Forensic and Dispute Services team provides corporate intelligence services including identification, review and analysis of information concerning individuals and corporate entities gathered from publicly available sources, covering business connections, financial standings, as well as business strategy and operating methods.


Specialized members of our team have years of experience in seeking and obtaining information, regarding individuals and businesses, using publicly available sources.

High standard of performance of KPMG Forensic and Dispute Services team provides thorough analysis and clear presentation of gathered data, including visualization of relationships between entities, benefiting from the use of advanced software and specialized analytical tools, such as KPMG developed K-3PID system.


Support in forensic investigations

Assistance in investigations in the form of corporate intelligence, including comprehensive review of publicly available data covering individuals and organizations in order to acquire information of strategic importance to ongoing investigation.


Integrity Due Diligence

Integrity Due Diligence (IDD) involves collection and analysis of information regarding the background, business track record, reputation and integrity of individuals and organizations, generally in relation to prospective or existing business relationships. IDD can identify risks unlikely to be revealed by financial and legal due diligence. It may include: Client Acceptance, Know Your Customer (KYC), Business Partner Due Diligence, Supplier/Vendor vetting.



K-3PID is an advanced technology-enabled tool supporting automated Due Diligence analysis by providing access to a wide range of global open data sources (including sanctions and regulatory lists, PEP lists, corporate and court registers as well as media and other internet sources). Our tool employs artificial intelligence enabled algorithms in the first stage of investigation in order to filter out false-positive results, saving both time and money.


K-3PID platform allows review of information in 25 languages, with additional built-in auto translate mechanism for 60 other languages. An additional benefit of K-3PID tool is its integrated Audit Trail functionality, allowing to document completed audit tasks. 

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