Climate Change & Sustainability

Climate Change & Sustainability

The process of reporting non-financial data - creating and verifying reports.

The process of reporting non-financial data - creating and verifying reports.

The KPMG CC&S practice demonstrates that entities are mostly interested in support for better understanding of complex and evolving policies, risks to the business environment, and opportunities relating to sustainability.


As part of the services offered, KPMG helps its Clients in all aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reporting such as:

  • Comprehensive assistance with preparing a CSR report in accordance with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guideliness
  • Verification and certification of report's compliance with the GRI guidelines based on the ISAE300 standard 
  • Analysis of existing or preparation of new procedures that define CSR's target processes.


If there is a need, we can adhere to the combined standards of ISAE3000 and AA1000AS (Assurance Standard) within the course of a project, according to Client's requirements.


The potential benefits for the Company:

  •  Cost reduction by increasing operational effectiveness and productivity of resources and processes, in particular reducing waste and eliminating potential costs related to non-compliance with legal requirements
  • Increasing the Company's revenue growth through the introduction of a socially or environmentally responsible products and services, entry into new consumer markets, and a stronger competitive position.


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