HR Advisory and Change Management

HR Advisory and Change Management

Advisory services in area of Human Capital Management and Change Management

Advisory services in area of Human Capital Management and Change Management

People & Change Team designs to implement and implements to ensure the success of the company on a competitive market.

The People and Change Team focuses on developing human capabilities and strategies for the attraction, development, motivation, retention and management of the right people with the right skill sets and right experience to achieve the goals of the organization.

Moreover, when organizations need to accomplish major change and make it sustainable, the two are integrated to enable people involved in and affected by the change to become engaged and committed and develop competence in the new way of doing business.


Our capabilities and services focus on key areas of enterprise development:

People & Change Team carries out projects for the strategic development and optimization of the HR function. We cooperate closely with our experts in the areas of finance, law, IT systems, taxes and other management areas. 

What makes us different?

We are focused on creating value added, providing practical solutions and their efficient implementation. We care about the quality and reliability of our products and their ease for strategic and operational implementation. We offer solutions that allow us to stay ahead of the competition and acquire business appreciation.

We advise in the Human Capital Management area, with special consideration for the company’s future, its strategic goals and specific business challenges. We advise Clients from different sectors how to manage the company's most valuable asset – Human Capital.

People & Change is a global team of professionals providing services in the field of Human Capital Management and Change Management. We work in local and virtual teams, inspiring and supporting each other in project delivery. We bring together practitioners and knowledge resources, which allow us to offer a wide range of business cases and data, relevant to decision-making in area of HR function and Human Capital development.

Our HR Center of Excellence, through the global cooperation of KPMG units, provides access to modern tools, knowledge and experience and professionals with required capabilities and market knowledge.

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