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Innovation diagnosis

Innovation diagnosis

Analysis of the innovation management practices in your organization

Analysis of the innovation management practices in your organization

According to market studies conducted by KPMG almost 80% of large and medium-sized Polish firms performs pro-innovative activities.

Entrepreneurs often questions  themselves how to effectively manage innovation, what are the major gaps and challenges in: current processes, organization and management systems that prevent them from achieving desired benefits from implemented solutions. Our innovation diagnosis methodology enables to perform a quick-scan of innovation management framework. Based on it the areas where continuous improvements will bring important benefits to the organization are being identified.

Diagnosis includes an overview of the following 5 elements, that are essential for innovation management:

  • Review of the innovation strategy
  • Analysis of innovation sourcing models
  • An overview of innovation management systems
  • Analysis of organizational culture with a focus on innovation
  • Analysis off innovation management maturity level.

A typical product of the innovation diagnosis advisory is a report that contains a summary of the analysis, conclusions regarding identified gaps in innovation management model as well as recommended actions to be taken. 

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