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Financing of innovative projects and tax advisory related to R&D

Financing of innovative projects and tax advisory related to R&D

Financing innovative projects

When planning the efficient acquisition of support for research and development activities, our experts can support your plans in the following areas:

  • Potential analysis, analysis of conducted research in order to identify the possibility of obtaining grants or tax exemptions and further opportunities for improvement in this area,
  • Development of strategies to apply for support,
  • Preparation of application documentation,
  • Support in contacts and negotiations with the relevant institutions,
  • Coordination of cooperation with business partners or research units,
  • Help in the proper settlement of the aid received and adherence to reporting obligations,
  • Project management and flow of information,
  • Support during the inspection of granted public aid,
  • Analysis of income generation projects carried out by public entities.

Innovation activities tax advisory

We provide tax advisory at each stage of R&D activities. The scope of tax-related services covers: 

  • Tax-optimized transfer of R&D activities and other intangible assets,
  • Commercialization of development works results, 
  • Settlements of project costs and results between related parties, in particular when entities are located in several countries,
  • The structures for international R&D activities optimization,
  • VAT calculations in scientific and research units,  
  • Syndicated Agreement, cooperation agreements, licensing agreements, incentive systems for the personnel involved in R + D + I
  • Obtaining tax relief for R&D activities.

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