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Frontiers in tax – September 2017

Frontiers in tax – September 2017

The most recent issue of Frontiers in tax includes includes selected issues that may be challenging for companies operating in special economic zones. The authors present, how to properly maintain accounting records, how to prepare the accounting system for activity in SEZ and what are planned changes in the rules of redundancy in SEZ.


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Frontiers in tax. Polish edition - September 2017

In this issue:

  • Several SEZ permits – how many sets of accounts?
  • Revenue and expenses of an entrepreneur operating in the SEZ
  • Services performed outside the special economic zone can benefit from a tax advantage, provided these are auxiliary and subsidiary in nature
  • Segregation of taxexempt activities in the SEZs and activities outside the SEZ
  • Exemptions in SEZs in the event of a relocation anew

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