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The KPMG Energy Advisory Team supports clients in all areas of their activity.

The KPMG Energy Advisory Team supports clients in all areas of their activity.

The energy sector undergoes constant dynamic change, both in the European Union and in Poland.

Changes in the energy sector are particularly visible in the following areas: systemic and regulatory issues, energy security, energy efficiency, demand management, modernisation and new investments in power generation, systematic reduction of investment funding, regulations regarding renewable energy sources, customer service, critical infrastructure security and cybersecurity, changes in EU climate policy.

In Poland, we have a dedicated team of experts with experience in the following areas:

  • Mining, power, gas and liquid fuels
  • Preparation, organisation, contracting and settlement of investments, and disputes in the construction sector
  • Energy market mechanisms, regulatory mechanisms, as well as smartgrid and AMI
  • Assets management and the ISO 5500X standard
  • ICT & OT strategy
  • IT / OT security in this sphere; security of infrastructure, processes and management
  • Analysis of requirements, system design, support in selection and implementation of IT solutions dedicated to power companies.
  • Our clients are Polish companies and institutions from all sectors of the economy, including extraction, generation, transfer, distribution and sale of electricity, gas and other utilities. Our clients approach us for support because of the high quality of our services, our sectoral specialisations and extensive knowledge of local markets.

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