11th KPMG Tax and Accounting Congress - Day II

January 21, 2021

January 21, 2021

11. Kongres Podatków i Rachunkowości KPMG - dzień II

The focus of the second day of the event will be on digital transformation, financial reporting, trends and challenges brought by international taxes, transfer pricing, amendments to the Polish Commercial Companies Code as well as legal aspects of preparing a company for sale.  


10.00 - 10.30

The road to fast and reliable information leads through digital transformation

Speakers: Krzysztof RadziwonMonika Warmbier


• CFO as a digitization driver;

• Where to start;

• Business Intelligence;

• Data governance - the importance of data quality;

• Robotic automation (RPA);

• Cybersecurity;

• Future finance competencies.


Sprawozdawczość finansowa dziś. Wpływ nowej rzeczywistości na sprawozdanie finansowe za 2020 rok

Speakers: Marek GajdzińskiAnna Paszkiewicz


• Going concern assessment;

• Impairment of assets, including financial ones; 

• Accounting for State aid;

• Completeness of provisions and liabilities;

• Impact of subsequent events;

• Scope of additional information and explanations.


International Taxes – trends and challenges

SpeakersMichał NiżnikMałgorzata Gleń


• Withholding tax;

• ATAD II implementation;

• Digital Tax - OECD's work on Pillar 1 and Pillar 2;

• MDR.


Transfer pricing – key considerations

Speakers: Jacek BajgerMonika Palmowska


• How to include the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic?;

• TPR reporting for 2019;

• Extended obligations regarding transactions with tax havens;

• Transfer pricing adjustments in practice;

• News from the Transfer Pricing Forum.


Digital tax transformation in the face of growing transparency requirements 

Speakers: Karolina DębskaSabina Sampławska


• The role of tax procedures;

• The authority's pressure to digitize taxes;

• The use of tax technologies in CIT, VAT and WHT reporting. 



Revolutionary amendments to the Polish Commercial Companies Code: the first attempt at codification of the holding company law

Speakers: Dariusz DobkowskiMikołaj Zdyb


• Disclosing holding affiliations: an obligation or a right?;

• Introducing the concept of "group interest";

• Issuing binding instructions to a subsidiary;

• Limiting the scope of responsibility of the subsidiary's management board and extending the scope of the parent company's liability;

• Strengthening the position of the Supervisory Board (committee and advisor to the Supervisory Board).


Legal aspects of preparing a business for sale: practical considerations

Speakers: Jacek DudzińskiTomasz Kamiński


• The legal form of a business and its significance for the planned transaction;

• Preparation for due diligence - arranging legal and financial documentation;

• Necessary restructuring measures and adjustment of the company's structure to the investor's expectations;

• Motivating key employees and management;

• Choosing the right legal advisor.

14.15-14.20 End of the event

Patrons of the 11th KPMG Tax and Accounting Congress

Patrons of the 11th KPMG Tax and Accounting Congress
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