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The 29th Economic Forum

3rd-5th September 2019

Krynica Zdrój

The 29th Economic Forum will be held on 3-5th September in Krynica Zdrój. Since 2007, KPMG in Poland has been substantive partner of the Event. During this year’s edition, there will take place 6 plenary sessions and over 200 discussion panels. The leading theme for the 29th edition of the Economic Forum will be “Europe of Tomorrow. ‘Strong’ Meaning What?”
Every year, Forum is visited by over 4 thousand guests from CEE. Speakers and attendees exchange their views on current political, economic and social situation in the world. Among the experts, there are politicians, presidents of companies, representatives of the world of science, culture and media from over 60 countries.

KPMG trademark panels:
What Opportunities and Challanges do PPKs bring? | Jan Karasek (3.09.2019, 4:00 PM)
Electromobility – Global to Local Perspective | Przemysław Szywacz (4.09.2019, 11:55 AM)

Discussion panels with KPMG experts:
The Security of Critical Energy Infrastructure | Marcin Łągiewka (3.09.2019, 2:50 PM)
Digital Tax - a Budget Opportunity or Diplomatic Threat | Małgorzata Gleń (3.09.2019, 5:20 PM)
Universal Healthcare - challenge for the 21st century | Paweł Podsiedlik (3.09.2019, 6:20 PM)
Supporting New Investments in Poland - Do the Changes Bring Measurable Benefits? | Paweł Podsiedlik (4.09.2019, 1:05 PM)
Foreign Investors on National Markets - Competitors or Partners? | Rafał Szafraniec (4.09.2019, 5:10 PM)
European Economy Post-Brexit. Threat to EU’s Integrity or a Mere Overhyped Threat? Przemysław Kamil Rosiak (5.09.2019, 12:05 PM)
Tech Race: EU in the Crosshairs for Global Technological Supremacy | Małgorzata Gleń (5.09.2019, 3:35 PM)

Schedule of the Discussion Panel may be change. Additional information can be found on the

The 29th Economic Forum
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