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World of Audit

World of Audit

World of Audit is a series of professional training sessions delivered by certified KPMG trainers.

WoA is a series of professional training sessions delivered by certified KPMG trainers.

World of Audit

If you are interested in a practical approach to finance and are considering a career in the audit and advisory industry, join our program – an opportunity to receive a guaranteed job or internship in the audit division. This is the first step towards your professional career development with KPMG.

Competition Format

The program comprises four stages:

I. Online Registration:

When joining stage one of the program, create an online account at the KPMG recruitment database and a personal profile, and enclose your CV with the application form. If your former experience and skills meet the criteria listed, we will invite you to join stage two.

II. Online Tests:

Stage two involves two tests:

An accounting test to assess your analytical thinking, speed of learning and statistics-based analytical skills, and an English language test to determine your general English language skills with elements of office English.

The test results will be crucial to participating in the program.

III. Interview:

Those people with the best online test results will be invited to attend an interview for intern or assistant positions with the audit division of KPMG in Poland. Successful interview results pending, selected candidates will be invited to join training sessions and offered a paid internship or employment. All World of Audit attendees who complete the entire series of classes will receive program participation certificates.

IV. Professional Training Sessions:

At the professional training session stage, participants join the program’s practical part to learn about the auditor’s profession from “behind the scenes”, and solve real-life case studies. The World of Audit comprises a total of four workshop sessions delivered in Poland’s largest cities. All sessions are delivered by certified KPMG trainers. Each three-hour meeting involves a separate study topic.

The program closes with a Gala evening – an opportunity to meet future colleagues.

How to Apply

Send your application via, specifying the preferred training location. Once your CV is reviewed we will contact you, and provide you with a link to our online tests.

Prizes for Finalists

The World of Audit program is unique in that all training session attendees are guaranteed a paid internship or an employment contract, depending on the candidate’s experience and year of study. The program is hugely popular with university students and graduates because of the guaranteed employment and the training sessions on offer.