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The KPMG Library

Tell us which books your university library is missing. Let us fill the gap.

Tell us which books your university library is missing. Let us fill the gap.

Twenty-seven university libraries are involved in the KPMG Library project, designed to foster the development of libraries, facilitate student access to reference sources with no purchase required, and provide comfortable conditions for studying.

As part of the project, each library received a full set of textbooks on economics, accounting, finance, law, and insurance. The book list was compiled from a list of textbooks recommended by universities for students of economics, accounting, finance and management. All textbooks deliver comprehensive and clearly presented knowledge.

Moreover, with students’ comfort in mind, KPMG provided libraries with comfortable beanbags and lamps used in dedicated reading corners.

Selected textbooks donated to KPMG Libraries in the academic year 2015/2016:

Interpretacje przepisów prawa podatkowego w praktyce i orzecznictwie (Tax Law Provisions in Practice and Judicature), Turzyński K.F., Wydawnictwo Wolters Kluwer,

Prawo administracyjne (Administrative Law), Wierzbowski M., Wydawnictwo Wolters Kluwer,

Publiczne prawo gospodarcze. Zarys wykładu (Public Business Law. An Outline), Blicharz R., Wydawnictwo Wolters Kluwer,

Historia prawa (History of Law), Sójka Zielińska K., Wydawnictwo Wolters Kluwer.

A list of libraries equipped with our textbooks and comfortable beanbags donated by KPMG is here (PDF, 75 KB).

Libraries interested in joining our project – please drop us an email message.

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