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Generation KPMG

Generation KPMG

Check who is the person of the KPMG Generation and what type of candidate we are looking for.

Check who is the person of the KPMG Generation.

Who is the person of the KPMG Generation?

A person from the KPMG Generation knows that their work makes sense, contributes concrete value and gives a sense of self-fulfilment. They are independent, ambitious, eager to absorb knowledge and aware of their skills. They knows exactly where they are going professionally. They decide what they choose instead of passively using what comes their way. They are open to dialogue, but not afraid to express their own opinion and have a real influence on the surrounding reality. They take up challenges, want to be seen and not ignored by their surroundings. They value naturalness and authenticity, but on the other hand they are able to skilfully create their own image. They are often individualists who live according to their own rules among other people with rules.

We are looking for such candidates - check out how to join us!