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Diverse development opportunities

Diverse development opportunities

We care for our staff’s career development and provide a variety of related options.

We care for our staff’s career development and provide a variety of related options.

We share knowledge and experience and are inspired by others.

We care for our staff’s career development by providing them with access to diverse forms of professional knowledge and social skills training. Thanks to a variety of projects, all employees are given an opportunity to improve their qualifications while gaining new and valuable experience, all to the better understanding of Client needs and expectations.

Continuous professional education

Depending on the needs and requirements of a given job, employees are given opportunities to improve their professional qualifications. Continuous Professional Education (CPE) rules were introduced with continuous improvement in qualifications in mind. KPMG’s mandatory training program comprises a minimum of 20 hours per annum and a minimum of 120 hours over a period of three years. In reality, the time spent in training is much more extensive, and adapted to reflect the individual needs, responsibilities, development plans and workload of employees. By following clear-cut principles, all employees can work with their superiors to plan their individual career development path.

Professional qualifications

Learning about financial statement auditing methods, accounting or tax law provides a sound foundation for the job, not to mention the option of gaining formal professional qualifications. Our staff are offered opportunities to become certified tax advisors and/or certified accountants under ACCA, CISA, CIMA, and CIA rules. We also finance preparatory courses as well as all four examination sessions organized by the National Chamber of Statutory Auditors, enabling our employees to be certified as Polish Statutory Auditors. Moreover, when working as part of our team you will be trained in the effective delivery of presentations, business negotiations and other interpersonal skills. Furthermore, we co-finance post-graduate MBA studies and language courses for our employees.


Not only do we support our staff to develop their skills and expand their knowledge – we also help them choose the most appropriate career development path. To that end, we use Dialogue: an in-house employee evaluation system. Every KPMG employee has a mentor – a Performance Manager who helps to outline personal and professional targets, evaluates progress, fosters the development of strengths and helps to identify development areas. Your superior or more experienced colleague will be your Performance Manager. By working together, you are given the opportunity to consciously develop your career path.

Global intellectual equity

KPMG staff have access to the intellectual equity owned by member firms worldwide. Product and market-related information drafted by other KPMG firms worldwide is at our employees’ fingertips – not to mention data and analyses sourced with organizations such as LexisNexis, Factiva, Emerging Markets, Information Service, Bloomberg, IJ Online, OneSource, Amadeus, The Economist Intelligence Unit, Thomson Research/Investext, Datamonitor, Business Monitor International, IBFD, Lex, LexPolonica and Legalis. The market knowledge and research team operating at KPMG in Poland deliver numerous database and information service training sessions to the benefit of our staff, and help them access all the information they need.