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Being part of a global organisation of independent audit and consulting companies, we have been providing professional services in the Polish market for 30 years now. We employ nearly 2,000 persons in seven offices. Our employees, their professionalism and knowledge constitute a unique market value. We employ high-class qualified managers and graduates of the best Polish and foreign universities, who constantly expand their knowledge, acquiring professional qualifications and following the latest training trends. KPMG's established position in the Polish market is confirmed by its constant presence at the top of rankings and lists that evaluate the work of audit and consulting companies.

The client, its satisfaction and confidence in our firm is crucial to us. We approach each client individually and make every effort to ensure high quality of our services. We want to be perceived as a team of professionals whose knowledge, energy and professional approach to work allows us not only to maintain our leadership position, but will always be an obvious choice for our clients in search of an adviser that can bring real value to the development of their organisation.

We thank our existing clients for their cooperation and invite everyone who needs a proven business partner.

About KPMG

KPMG is a global organisation of independent professional services companies, currently operating in 146 countries and employing more than 227,000 employees in member companies worldwide. In Poland, we have been providing audit and other assurance services, tax, business, accounting and bookkeeping advisory services since 1990, and the law firm D.Dobkowski sp.k., affiliated with KPMG in Poland, provides comprehensive legal services. We employ nearly 2000 employees in seven offices located in Warsaw, Kraków, Poznań, Wrocław, Gdańsk, Katowice and Łódź.

We advise Polish and international companies and institutions from all sectors of the economy, with particular emphasis on consumer goods, financial services, private equity, automotive, building, construction and real estate, information technology, media and communications (TMT), transport (TSL), industrial production and the public sector.

KPMG's success is based on the high quality of its services and people. Our capital is the knowledge accumulated by our employees all over the world. We conduct a number of activities supporting the development of entrepreneurship in Poland. We share our knowledge and experience by participating in conferences, seminars, training courses and workshops intended for business. We cooperate with chambers of commerce and trade associations and prepare publications and studies on various branches of the economy.


1. We are among the leaders
The highest quality of our work has given us a well-established position in the market. For the seventh time KPMG has been classified as the best audit firm in Poland according to the Rzeczpospolita daily. We are also at the top of the rankings of the best tax advisory firms, in which KPMG's tax experts additionally win individual distinctions. We are distinguished in international lists of consulting firms and win rankings for the best M&A advisors in Poland and worldwide.

2. We know very well the specifics of the industries in which our clients operate
Thanks to our broad knowledge, skills, and many years of experience in working with companies from various sectors of the economy, we know very well the specifics of, and the issues characteristic for, the industries in which our clients operate. We comprehensively support companies both in Poland and in other countries where KPMG offices are located.

3. We treat each client individually
From our wide range of services, we choose those that best suit the individual needs of each client. Thanks to a specialised team of experts in various fields, we respond on an ongoing basis to the needs arising from project work and prepare tailor-made solutions that constitute an added value.

4. We use modern solutions
We put emphasis on the professional client service, using modern technological solutions, which enable quick and effective implementation of projects. An example of such a solution is the KPMG Central portal, providing exchange of information and data between the project team and the client's representative.

5. We create interdisciplinary teams of specialists
For each client we create an interdisciplinary project team, consisting of top-class specialists with knowledge and experience in various fields. Depending on the client's individual needs, the team includes experts versed in taxes, attestation services, risk management, business and legal advice, financial instruments, or others.

Innovative solutions at KPMG

One of KPMG's priorities is the continuous development of competencies through the implementation of innovations and modern technologies. Every day we develop local programmes and use the knowledge and experience of global structures to provide our clients with services of the highest quality.

Examples of innovative solutions applied at KPMG:

KPMG Lighthouse
It enables seamless delivery of analytical functions in different regions and member companies to provide clients with appropriate support. KPMG Lighthouse also offers an integrated data and analysis platform that leverages expertise in software and data engineering, data science, advanced visualisation, artificial intelligence, and robotics.

Strategic Global Initiatives (SGI)
Strategic global initiatives have been built around two objectives - to accelerate growth and change the way we deliver innovative services and solutions to our clients. The results of KPMG's annual Global CEO Outlook confirm that the SGI services are focused on areas that are a priority for top executives.

Global Big Initiatives (GBI)
The programme aims at fostering growth by accelerating the global digitisation of KPMG: global alliances, global platform, intelligent automation.

KPMG Innovations
This KGMP Poland internal project was created to encourage employees to share their ideas and promote the innovative culture and community within the firm. Thanks to KPMG Innovations, each employee has an opportunity to put forward and participate in the implementation of innovative solutions that expand the firm's portfolio with new products, enrich its existing services or improve its internal functioning.

Quality Smart
The aim of this programme is to introduce a dynamic approach to quality - to work better and more innovatively while continuously improving quality. As part of the initiative, there is a group of experienced KPMG employees representing audit, advisory as well as tax and legal teams.

Tax Technology
It is a set of tools to improve data collection, data analysis with the use of efficient engines and solutions to control every piece of information entered in the system on an ongoing basis. KPMG experts use solutions such as: KPMG Tax Intelligence Solution (TIS), KPMG Link 360, KPMG Business Partner Verifier or K-Trinity.

KPMG Central External e-platform for information exchange
KPMG Central External is a tool supporting information exchange between the KPMG project team and representatives of the client or business partner through dedicated websites.

A business analytic tool that enables ongoing analysis of large data sets contained in IT systems. With the use of KMonitor it is possible to monitor processes and exceptions appearing in them almost in real time. KMonitor is also a tool shaping the complex process of transforming the data held into information that can be converted into knowledge. It enables efficient and accurate planning, budgeting, and reporting, and helps predict trends and, consequently, make decisions and monitor results. KMonitor has a catalogue of over 100 ready-made analyses covering such business processes as purchase, sales, logistics and inventory.

KPMG Clara
KPMG Clara is an innovative, fully secure platform supported by our global audit team. This platform provides a direct real-time view of the status of the audit in all locations, including the results of ongoing analysis. KPMG Clara delivers global consistency, transparency, and efficiency so that we can provide our clients with a high quality, next-generation audit.
That which is already built into our KPMG Clara platform enables intelligent risk assessment. KPMG Clara's capabilities make it possible to read and analyse data intelligently against predefined assumptions. The technology can be adapted to many audit areas.

ASC Katowice (Audit Support Center in Katowice)
In response to market demand, KPMG decided to launch its Audit Support Center in Katowice. The ASC is primarily responsible for a comprehensive support of the processes of balance confirmation, reconciliation of financial statements, translation of financial statements into English, performance of tests of details, development of existing and new services for audit (modelling, validation and robotisation of processes).

eAudIT is a global KPMG application that ensures that audit procedures are fully adapted to the specifics of the industry, type of activity and size of the audited company, as well as compliance with audit procedures and standards. eAudIT also allows for ongoing access by team members to the global KPMG methodology manual at each stage of the audit.

Computer-Assisted Audit Techniques – CAATs
CAATs support the analysis of posted economic operations and material book accounts based on a large volume of data. Automatic procedures have also been developed in relation to selected audit areas, e.g. inventories and receivables. One example of using CAATs is the deployment of IDEA, a Monetary Unit Sampling tool, which is effective and based on a risk assessment methodology.

Alex provides quick access to current accounting literature, audit methodology and financial reporting, as well as the latest information on professional standards. The service is updated daily from sources such as the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB), the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (IAASB), the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB), the American Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), the American Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). It also contains the latest KPMG interpretations and guidance.


The history of our company dates back to the 19th century, when the first founding companies were established.

KPMG's network of companies currently operating in 146 markets around the world was established in 1987 following the merger of Peat Marwick International (PMI) and Klynveld Main Goerdeler (KMG). This was the largest merger in the history of the accounting industry at the time, and the company name is derived from the first letters of the names of the representatives of these companies, our founding fathers.

History of the firm’s name

The company’s name KMPG is an acronym formed by the initials of the key founding companies:

K: Piet Klynveld – the founder of Klynveld Kraayenhof & Co., a Dutch accounting firm established in 1917;

P: William Barclay Peat – the founder of William Barclay Peat & Co., a London accounting firm established in 1870;

M: James Marwick – a co-founder of Marwick, Mitchell & Co., an accounting firm established in 1897 in New York City together with Roger Mitchell, which merged with William Barclay Peat & Co. in 1911 to form Peat Marwick, Mitchell & Co., later renamed Peat Marwick International (PMI);

G: Dr Reinhard Goerdeler – the longstanding management board president and honorary supervisory board chairman of Deutsche Treuhand-Gesellschaft, and subsequently the president of Klynveld Main Goerdeler (KMG).

History of KPMG in Poland

KPMG is one of the first international networks of audit and consulting firms present in the Polish market. KPMG's first Polish office was established in May 1990 in Warsaw. The high demand for professional audit and advisory services led us to open further offices: in 1995 in Kraków and Poznań, in 2005 in Wrocław, in 2007 in Gdańsk and Katowice and in 2013 in Łódź. After 15 years, the firm's headquarters in Warsaw changed its address and since 17 August 2015 it has been located in the Gdański Business Center at 4A Inflancka street, next to the Dworzec Gdański underground station. Currently, we employ over 2000 persons in seven offices and we are one of the largest companies providing professional services in the Polish market. The company is managed by Stacy Ligas, Senior Partner and CEO.

The most important dates:

  • 1990 - the first Polish office of KPMG is set up in Warsaw,
  • 1995 - offices in Kraków and Poznań are set up,
  • 2005 - opening of the Wrocław office,
  • 2007 - offices in Gdańsk and Katowice are established,
  • 2013 - opening of the office in Łódź.