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Supporting local communities

Supporting local communities

KPMG supports local communities through organizing numerous initiatives for their benefit

KPMG supports local communities through organizing numerous initiatives for their benefit

In KPMG, we focus on providing assistance to the most needy: children, senior citizens, the impoverished and the sick. In seeking to support them, we launch initiatives for their benefit. 

Supporting children’s homes

KPMG has been supporting two children’s homes. We organize Christmas gifts and Christmas Eve events for children as well as educational tours to a variety of venues, such as the Copernicus Science Centre, the National Stadium, the Royal Castle and the National Audiovisual Institute. Residents of children’s homes are also invited to join picnic events held for KPMG employees and their families.

Providing assistance to the most impoverished

We co-operate with the Saint Brother Albert Chmielowski Polish Mission, and we attend the Maltese Christmas Wafer Sharing that it holds annually in Krakow. KPMG staff are involved in preparing Christmas Eve dinner for the most impoverished families from around Krakow, Chrzanów, Katowice and Myślenice and deliver to those same families more than 1,000 Christmas parcels and gifts for children.

Making in-kind donations

KPMG staff regularly hold collections for household items and deliver them to social welfare centers on an annual basis.

We collaborate with the Lepiej Działać Foundation to donate used computer equipment to educational institutions.

Promoting health

In co-operation with the Regional Centre for Blood Donation and Transfusion Medicine in Warsaw, we organize Blood Donation Campaigns among KPMG staff. The one-day campaign always takes place in June among the staff of the KPMG Warsaw and neighboring offices.

Volunteers in KPMG

One of the early initiatives of the KPMG Employee Volunteering Program involved lending support to the renovation of one of Warsaw’s kindergartens located in a historic building: proceeds from the sale of waste paper collected in the KPMG’s Warsaw office were donated to the cause.

We inaugurated our Employee Contributions Program through cooperation between the Employee Volunteering Program and the United Way Poland Foundation, within which KPMG employees can declare the amounts they wish to be donated from salaries for various social purposes.

In order to update ourselves on what the staff need and expect from the Program, we regularly conduct employee surveys.

Volunteering day at KPMG

KPMG in Poland participates in the KPMG Global Service Day initiative. The intention behind this initiative is to hold social campaigns in the KPMG offices world over on the same day of the year and under the same slogan.

To date, as part of the campaign KPMG in Poland has organized workshops entitled Hunger for Knowledge aimed at children taking part in the Academy of the Future Program organized by the Wiosna Association. During the workshops, the children learned about the nature of work in different departments of KPMG. In another initiative, KPMG volunteers worked for an animal shelter in Korabiewice near Warsaw. In the course of a single day of volunteering they arranged an enclosure for animals – cleaning and leveling the area, disposing of garbage, repairing barriers and painting a newly erected winter shelter, which will also serve as an animal feeding point.

KPMG a Hooked on Reading company

Ever since its inception, KPMG has been a key partner of the Hooked on Reading (Zaczytani) initiative, a national campaign initiated by the Rozwój Foundation. The initiative’s main purpose is to create libraries for children and young people in hospitals, day-care centers, family children’s homes, and hospices. To date, the staff of KPMG in Poland have collected and donated over 1,000 books. The recipients are the Young Patients’ Library of the Budzik Clinic (a hospital for children with severe cerebral trauma) and the library of the Professor Bogdanowicz children’s hospital in Warsaw, which opened under the patronage of KPMG.

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