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Caring about the environment

Caring about the environment

We promote responsibility and advocate for the environment.

We promote responsibility and advocate for the environment.

At KPMG we believe that environmental protection is hugely important, which is why we make an effort to care for the environment in our daily work, join existing initiatives, and campaign for greater awareness of the environmental issues.

No Printing Day – a social and ecological campaign by KPMG in Poland

In 2012, KPMG in Poland initiated the No Printing Day social and ecological campaign to encourage as many individuals, firms and institutions worldwide as possible to refrain from printing documents for a single symbolic day: the first Friday in October each year.

Each year, we publish the results of our No Printing Day-related surveys:

2015 – Developing Human and Social Capital;
2014 – Corporate Social Responsibility: Facts vs. Opinions;
2013 – How Working Poles Use Paper;
2012 – The Use of Paper by Enterprises Operating in Poland.

KPMG Eco-Office campaigns

In all KPMG in Poland offices, in-house document printouts and copies are printed on ecological paper (unbleached recycled paper). Double-sided printing is the default setting for all KPMG in Poland office printers. In common areas we run awareness campaigns on the efficient use of electricity and water, while offices are equipped with dedicated recycled materials bins.
Also, KPMG’s new Warsaw office was designed in line with effective environmental standards and certified in accordance with BREEAM, achieving an EXCELLENT score.

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