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Acting to support business development

Acting to support business development

KPMG attributes great importance to education: We share our experience and expertise through delivering courses and presentations on a pro bono basis.

We share our experience and expertise on a pro bono basis.

We engage in numerous activities that support business development in Poland. KPMG experts share their experience and expertise by participating in events, conferences, seminars, training sessions and workshops addressed to the business sector.

Sharing our experience and expertise

We support business development in Poland by co-operating with chambers of commerce and industry associations, as well as publishing studies and papers on diverse sectors of the economy.

We publish investment-related reports, including:

  • Investment in Poland;
  • Investment in Turkey;
  • 20 years of American Investment in Poland;
  • Successful Together! 25 Years of Polish-American Business Relations;
  • 20 Years of French Investment in Poland;
  • A Neighborhood with Prospects. Polish-German Economic Relations;
  • Let’s Develop! Polish-Italian Economic and Business Co-operation.

Pro bono activities

KPMG supports public benefit organizations by providing them with free-of-charge professional audit and advisory services, and attending the social initiatives and campaigns they organize.

We are also a Partner Organization to the Free Speech Memorial Construction Committee, which was unveiled by the President of Poland in a special ceremony held on 5 June 2014. The unveiling completed a series of ceremonies commemorating the twenty-fifth anniversary of the 1989 victorious free elections in Poland.