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What sets us apart?

What sets us apart?

Our clients appreciate the professional, innovative and pro-active stance we take in solving their complex business problems.

A professional, innovative and pro-active stance.

KPMG’s market success has hinged on the high quality of its services, the compatibility of the firm’s work with its core values and on its people. We believe our actions bring benefits to the firm’s external environment, its employees, clients, local communities and the natural environment.

Addressing every challenge on an individual basis, we build our competitive advantage on the basis of:

Our people

The know-how accumulated by our 207,000 professionals in 153 countries worldwide supported by our sector-specific knowledge base is our capital asset. Distinguishing us further are the qualifications of those who provide our client services and our effectiveness. Every year, business managers, practitioners and graduates of top universities join our ranks.

Our history

We have participated in the key historical and business events taking place in the world since the 19th century and in Poland since the 1990s.

Our values

Both globally and in the region, KPMG staff are committed to provide services of the highest quality as they uphold our values, ethical standards and principles of transparency.

Our corporate culture

We attach great importance to the integrity of our actions and to the reliability and credibility of the information we share, thereby building mutual trust and promoting good cooperation between our staff.

Broad service range

KPMG’s comprehensive service provision combined with sectoral know-how enables our clients to benefit from growth opportunities and to respond to the risks of doing business.

Operational efficiency

International and local awards for advisory projects, annually confirmed leadership among auditing firms and top positioning among the most effective tax advisory firms.

Customer service excellence

Clients turn to us for support because of the high standard of the services we provide, and our broad sectoral knowledge, both in the local and the global marketplace.

Good employer status

We create a friendly environment in which every employee is able to develop their potential.

Value added

We place emphasis on professional customer service, employing the latest technologies that enable fast and effective project implementation and ensuring interdisciplinary nature of the project teams we organize.