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Employee Engagement Assessment

Employee Engagement Assessment

Employee Engagement Assessment

What is Engagement?

So what is Engagement?

“A positive, fulfilling, work-related state of mind that is characterized by vigor, dedication, and absorption.”

While employees may be happy to attend annual retreats or receive increments in their salary, is it really what matters to them when they tap into discretionary efforts to fulfill organizational goals?

It is not just a tick in the box
With access to specialist resources and technology becoming increasingly easy, it is challenging to differentiate from the competition. Unique selling propositions shift their burden from one source to another as the competition is quick to match its offering with changing market dynamics.

Organizations, regardless of their size, nature or geography need to rely on their workforce everyday to improve mobility to blue oceans and reinvent competitive advantage to stay relevant and win over and over again.This is a tedious process for many and is the source of increasing costs for organizations spending more and more time on planning. Today’s fast paced markets require businesses to innovate continuously and respond faster than ever before

It is critical that employers support their workforce and provide them with all the resources to make this process effective and efficient. The most important resource and catalyst is ‘Engagement'.

Where to begin

It’s a mindset at first - It is important to begin by realizing that people are an organization’s greatest asset. Taking care of employees is therefore central to any organization and will enable them to function at their full potential – engagement is what unlocks this potential and moves you closer towards reaching your business objectives.

Before you begin

Before starting to make plans on engaging your workforce, take a step back and understand what makes employees’ at your organization tick. Every organization is different in its value proposition to its people. It is essential to understand where your organization stands in terms of its strengths and weaknesses in its relationship with its employees.

This part is a small yet crucial step towards setting an effective HR strategy that works for your organization

Understand the engagement journey to organizational growth and productivity

The level of engagement will positively or negatively influence employees’ willingness to go the extra mile at work, innovate and assist a company in reaching the corporate or unit strategy while enhancing their own sense of well-being. Engagement has a great effect on organizational performance and drives bottom-line results.

Whether the focus of your organization is on boosting profits or improving the quality of your products and services or to increase the level of customer satisfaction, it all starts from a productive and creative workforce which is engaged with your organization.

The following is an illustration of the impact of engagement and its connectivity with organizational dynamics:

Engagement Flow

How can we help? - Not just statistics, but the full picture

Statistics provide only part of the story. We can help you:

  • Rollout communication plans and conduct awareness sessions across the organization to strengthen confidence in the workforce for initiatives
  • Setup an employee engagement model which is suited to your organization and its culture while considering language sensitivities.

    Our model covers all the aspects of what establishes and strengthens the relationship between you and your workforce. Our standard model is built on six clusters which are the main influencers of employee engagement and its determinants. This is illustrated as follows:
Furthermore, we can work with you to:
  • Capture employee responses across both digital and conventional mediums while maintaining high standards of confidentiality using tried and tested cloud based FedRAMP software and track responses in real-time
  • Analyze collected data using statistical methods and determine the strength of factors which are driving engagement at your organization so that you can better focus your efforts and resources on what matters
  • Analyze open ended responses and identify conversational themes to provide a stronger foundation to responese recorded in the assessment
  • Identify engagement level relationships with various cross sections of your organization's demographics
  • Benchmark your results with comparable organizations in your industry
  • Conduct insightful workshops with your leadership team to identify and develop action items towards better supporting your HR strategy
  • Develop action plans and recommendations for your organization as per better practices

To win in the marketplace you must first win at the workplace

We can work with your vision to improve your organization and build a case for change with a story behind the numbers.

Get in touch with us and find out how we can unlock your workforce potential.

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