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Trade & Customs

Trade & Customs

TaxNewsFlash-Trade & Customs — KPMG's reports of tax developments concerning trade and customs


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TaxNewsFlash-Trade & Customs

TaxNewsFlash-Trade & Customs

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Recent Articles

December 2016

1 Dec - Australia: Draft legislation amending GST on imports of low value goods

1 Dec - Myanmar: Trade restrictions lifted, opportunities for importers

November 2016

29 Nov - Global trade management survey (2016)

29 Nov - Vietnam: More post-customs clearance audits expected in remainder of 2016

18 Nov - Federal Circuit: Classification of glass tubes used in sprinkler systems, water heaters

18 Nov - Final rule, clarifying and revising license requirements for military aircraft, gas turbine engines, related items

15 Nov - Japan: Enhanced penalties for deficient customs declarations or non-declarations

14 Nov - U.S. company settles sanctions violations for $6 million

11 Nov - China: VAT pilot program launched in seven bonded customs zones

7 Nov - China: New self-declarations to replace customs clearance procedures, pilot program

4 Nov - India: Rules for deferring payment of customs duty

1 Nov - Canada: Tariff relief under trade agreement with EU

October 2016

31 Oct - Justice Department’s guidance on export controls; voluntary self-disclosures and cooperation

28 Oct - Thailand: Information sharing between Customs, Revenue departments results in assessments

28 Oct - EU: Combined nomenclature, 2017 version for customs purposes

25 Oct - Australia: Alternative GST calculation of overseas freight and insurance, if unknown at import

24 Oct - China: Customs audit regulations effective 1 November 2016

24 Oct - Jamaica: Tax, customs incentives for special economic zone regime

18 Oct - EU: Customs business process models

17 Oct - Japan: Customs scrutiny of certificates of origin from exporters, manufacturers

14 Oct - More U.S. amendments to Cuba sanctions regulations

11 Oct - Revised definitions under USML Category XII

10 Oct - EU: Dual-use regulation; export control for cyber-surveillance technology

September 2016

30 Sep - Delayed ACE effective date, drawback and duty deferral entry filings

28 Sep - CBP reschedules ACE mandatory transition, expected in January 2017

20 Sep - Norway: Customs valuation, implications of new VAT return on imported goods

20 Sep - Reminder: Comments on new duty-free threshold due 26 September; effects on PGA admissibility of imports

8 Sep - Licensing procedures, agricultural commodities exported to Cuba

7 Sep - China: Updated processing trade operations procedures

7 Sep - DDTC final rule, new and updated definitions under ITAR

August 2016

26 Aug - CBP proposes changes to toxic substance import procedures

26 Aug - EU: Extended trade sanctions against Russia; “Brexit” and export controls

25 Aug - Duty-free value of certain imported merchandise increased to $800

25 Aug - Turkey: Amnesty program applies for customs duties

24 Aug - Federal Circuit affirms HTSUS classification of smartphone protective cases

19 Aug - Antidumping and countervailing duty investigation procedures, interim regulations

18 Aug - Paper applications for reconciliation no longer required; CBP no longer providing “blanket flagging” of entries for reconciliation

16 Aug - CBP and Lacey Act implementation guide

16 Aug - Final rule: Harmonizing destination control statements under EAR and ITAR

16 Aug - Proposed rule: Imports of vehicles subject to antipollution emission standards

12 Aug - CBP “informed compliance” letters place heightened responsibilities on importers

10 Aug - BIS “decrementing” export licenses in ACE

4 Aug - Vietnam: Free trade agreements, preferential tariff rates

July 2016

27 Jul - Changes to U.S. Munitions List

25 Jul - China: Trade and customs resource

18 Jul - Australia: “Brexit” implications for imports, exports from the UK of Australian companies

18 Jul - Belgium: “Destination document” as alternative proof of intracommunity transport

18 Jul - EU: Expanded customs security, clearance pilot program with China

15 Jul - Asia: Implications of “Brexit” on trade agreements in Asia

8 Jul - EU: Customs, supply chain considerations of “Brexit” 

7 Jul - NAFTA preference rules of origin; proposal for override

6 Jul - China: Evaluating effects of “Brexit” on supply chain connected with UK or EU entities 

5 Jul - Proposed rules: Expanded definition of “importer security filing” filer

1 Jul - U.S. implementation of “ITA expansion” 

June 2016

30 Jun - ITC report on economic effect of trade agreements

28 Jun - EU: Customs duties eliminated for certain electronic products

27 Jun - EU: Trade and customs, VAT implications of “Brexit”

23 Jun - OFAC: U.S. company settles Iranian sanctions violations

23 Jun - India: Customs draft guidance, AEO regime  

16 Jun - Australia: Email may be “export” if containing controlled technology and sent abroad

9 Jun - EU: Sanctions relating to trade with Iran, Russia

6 Jun - U.S. proposal to remove special Iraq reconstruction license from EAR

2 Jun - Export Administration Regulations, new terms defined

May 2016

27 May - CBP notice of intent to distribute dumping, subsidy offsets for FY 2016

27 May - CBP’s new security guidelines for foreign trade zones, bonded facilities

23 May - U.S. change in policy, exports of munitions to Vietnam

23 May - Australia: Defining “owner” in delivered duty paid transactions, customs purposes

23 May - New Zealand: Changes to customs law to proceed

20 May - Legislation reviving miscellaneous tariff bill (MTB) process is enacted

18 May - UK: Treatment of royalties for customs purposes

16 May - Peru: Customs valuation for imports

13 May - ACE is sole electronic system for processing FDA-related imports

12 May - China: Updates and reports of customs developments

10 May - Senate passes miscellaneous tariff bill (MTB) legislation

6 May - FDA and food import safety programs

4 May - Canada: Tariff consultations, trade and customs updates

4 May - CBP test pilot program, coordination with Fish and Wildlife Service

2 May - CBP pilot test program, commercial truck single-crossing user fees

2 May - Australia: Trusted trader programme (ATTP) to include customs duty

April 2016

29 Apr - China: More cross-border e-commerce guidance, retail imports

29 Apr - WCO instrument, case study on transfer pricing and customs valuation

29 Apr - Reminder: EU’s Union Customs Code is effective 1 May 2016

27 Apr - House passes miscellaneous tariff bill (MTB) legislation

27 Apr - Italy: Guidance for implementing new Union Customs Code

27 Apr - WCO: Agreement on transfer pricing, customs valuation

26 Apr - CBP program test, truck shipments of Canadian “in-transit” goods

22 Apr - EU: Export procedures for certain goods effective 1 May 2016

22 Apr - EU: Shortages in cross-border shipments of “excise-able” goods

21 Apr - Treasury’s FAQs on trade with Cuba

21 Apr - Federal Circuit: Selection of Thailand as surrogate country for China, antidumping review

20 Apr - U.S. congressional action on miscellaneous tariff bill (MTB) process

18 Apr - EU: Releases relating to customs administration

18 Apr - EU: “Domestic sale” concept mitigates repeal of “first sale” customs valuation

8 Apr - EU: Updated AEO guidelines released

7 Apr - China: Import tax policies, cross-border e-commerce involving retail goods

7 Apr - EU: Draft guidance, new customs valuation provisions

6 Apr - EU: Import duties on consumer, professional electronic products eliminated

5 Apr - China: Customs revises standards for declaration forms

1 Apr - Final rule on exports, missile technology controls


March 2016

30 Mar - FDA-regulated commodity entries to be made via ACE

30 Mar - EU: Sanctions update, companies trading with Iran

28 Mar - China: Customs announcements on customs pre-input system, charitable donations

24 Mar - OFAC aircraft export license, updated FAQs on exports to Iran

24 Mar - Australia: Customs focus on tariff concession orders, correct valuation disclosures

23 Mar - China: Guidance aims for customs clearance efficiency, trade facilitation

21 Mar - EU: AEO certificates, customs authorizations to be reassessed by authorities

17 Mar - EU: Customs treatment intra-EU air, sea services effective 1 May 2016

16 Mar - OFAC “finding of violation” credit card company and assets of Iranian banks

15 Mar - Treasury, Commerce final rules concerning trade involving Cuba 

11 Mar - China: Customs developments (January-February 2016)

2 Mar - Federal Circuit: Country-of-origin label when trademark is involved


February 2016

26 Feb - ACE as sole CBP-authorized system

25 Feb - U.S. trade facilitation law is enacted

19 Feb - China: Customs guidance, imports of aviation supplies, aircraft operating leases

18 Feb - Proposed rule changes to USML Category XII

16 Feb - EU: “First sale for export” repeal for customs valuation purposes

16 Feb - India: Valuing imports from a related party for customs purposes

11 Feb - Congress passes trade legislation

8 Feb - CBP updates ACE transition timeline, extends “FDA single window”

8 Feb - CCL, USML modifications: Military aircraft, military gas turbine engines

5 Feb - EU: Free trade agreement with Vietnam

4 Feb - U.S. company found to violate Sudanese sanctions

3 Feb - Federal Circuit: Refunds of customs duty; reconciliation entries


January 2016

27 Jan - Thailand: Voluntary disclosure, incorrect customs import duties

26 Jan - Final rules amending Cuban assets control regulations, Cuba licensing policy

19 Jan - EU: Iran sanctions relief

13 Jan - China: Revised import policies and catalogues, major technical equipment

6 Jan - Federal Circuit: NAFTA-related, post-import customs duty refund procedures

5 Jan - BIS proposed rule, revised penalty determinations


December 2015

30 Dec - China: Bonded repair and maintenance operations, special customs zones

23 Dec - China: Import, export tariff adjustments beginning in 2016

23 Dec - China: Measures to promote foreign trade, import-export activities

17 Dec - EU: Transitional rules pending new fully electronic customs environment

15 Dec - USML temporary modification; software under Category XI (Military Electronics)

11 Dec - Serbia: Common transit procedure under EU customs agreements

10 Dec - Australia: Free trade agreement with China 

10 Dec - WCO classification decisions, potential classification opportunities

9 Dec - Congressional conferees reach agreement on customs legislation

9 Dec - WCO nomenclature amendments for 2017, correlation tables

8 Dec - Mutual recognition of “trusted traders” with Dominican Republic 

7 Dec - General license, exports to or from Burma (Myanmar)

4 Dec - CBP: “Phase 3” of GSP retroactive customs duty refund process

3 Dec - Update on customs reauthorization bill

2 Dec - BIS: “One-stop shop” for export control data, analysis

November 2015

30 Nov - EU: Customs code update; Iran sanctions and EU dual-use list

26 Nov - China: Customs “work order write-off” model for processing trade

26 Nov - Indonesia: Changes for “importer license holders” effective in 2016

25 Nov - California company settles violations of sales to Iran, Sudan, Syria

19 Nov - India: Expedited refund process, exports of output services

12 Nov - BIS decision tool: Direct product, de minimis rules

12 Nov - CBP: Final rule on continuous bonds

12 Nov - China: Update of customs developments

11 Nov - EU: Update on Iran sanctions, dual-use list for export controls

6 Nov - KPMG report: Initial impressions of Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

6 Nov - ASEAN Economic Community update

5 Nov - Text of Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement

4 Nov - EU: Customs reciprocal benefits with China, effective November 2015

2 Nov - OFAC: Medical supplies general license, Iranian sanction regulations update

October 2015

30 Oct - EU: Customs 2016 “common nomenclature”

28 Oct - India: Electronic filing of customs documents

27 Oct - OFAC: Travel company settles Cuba travel-related violations

26 Oct - Dominican Republic: Guidance for logistics, operations at cargo terminals

26 Oct - Singapore: Trans-Pacific Partnership, initial impressions

23 Oct - EU: Customs value update; “first sale” implications

14 Oct - CBP: ACE and electronic entry, cargo release

14 Oct - CBP: Next phase in document imaging system (DIS) under ACE

6 Oct - Softwood lumber agreement with Canada

6 Oct - Results of GSP product review, CNL waivers

6 Oct - Singapore: Customs control list; dual-use and strategic goods

5 Oct - Trans-Pacific trade agreement; negotiations concluded

September 2015

29 Sep - China: Plan to expedite, modernize customs processing

29 Sep - Vietnam: No import duty, VAT relating to certain export processing

24 Sep - EU: Trade and customs update

22 Sep - Korea: Related-party marketing fees not subject to customs duty

21 Sep - EU: Customs transaction value, sunset clause

21 Sep - Expanded scope, license exception for trade with Cuba

17 Sep - CBP: Final rule for enforcing trademarks at borders

16 Sep - China: WTO trade facilitation agreement is ratified

8 Sep - CBP: ACE export manifest for rail cargo test

3 Sep - BIS imposes $3.5 million penalty for illegal exports of armored vehicles

3 Sep - Revisions to California’s “Made in U.S.A.” rules

2 Sep - China: Customs update (third quarter 2015)

1 Sep - CBP: New timeline, mandatory transition to ACE programming  

August 2015

26 Aug - CBP test program; electronic transmission of FDA-regulated imports

25 Aug - SCL authorization requirements removed from EAR

20 Aug - BIS: Spain added to list of countries eligible for Defense Department assistance 

19 Aug - CBP: ACE export manifest, vessel cargo test program

19 Aug - GSP program: New petitions for duty-free treatment due October 16

18 Aug - GAO: SEC conflict minerals rule; analysis of disclosures by companies

10 Aug - Importer’s failure to exercise “reasonable care” on classification

7 Aug - CBP to extend ACE message automation program

6 Aug - CBP regulations: Documents needed for proof of export, drawback claims

6 Aug - OFAC penalty enforcement actions


July 2015

31 Jul - DDTC: Updated export license forms on DTrade system

28 Jul - EU: Update on new customs code

27 Jul - GSP renewal; retroactive application for liquidations and reliquidations

24 Jul - CBP: Air cargo advance screening pilot program extended one year

21 Jul - Cuba: Changes to export license requirements (BIS)

20 Jul - EU: Update on transatlantic trade partnership, other trade items

10 Jul - CBP test program: Remote location filing procedures

9 Jul - CBP test program: ACE export manifest for air cargo

9 Jul - Refunds of duty drawbacks, “substitution drawbacks”

2 Jul - GSP product review: Competitive needs limitations, five cotton products

1 Jul - China: Free trade agreement with Australia

1 Jul - Nigeria: Customs union agreement

1 Jul - Review of license exception for exports to Cuba

1 Jul - USML temporary modification, for certain related software


June 2015

26 Jun - WCO: Guide on customs valuation, transfer pricing

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