Java Micro Service Developer

IT Advisory

Location: Lahore

Job Responsibilities
  • ▪ Responsible for high performance, micro services development, debugging, logging, monitoring and diagnosing of large scale micro-services solutions;
  • ▪ Developing high-volume, low-latency applications for mission-critical business systems / application services and modules;
  • ▪ Assists in preparing technical design specifications based on functional requirements and analysis documents;
  • ▪ Reviews functional requirements, analysis and design documents and provides feedback;
  • ▪ Develops and maintains operational and system level documentation; and
  • ▪ Deployment of CI/CD pipelines.

Eligibility Requirements
  • ▪ 5+ years of proven ability to define and implement effective software development methodologies.
  • ▪ Object Oriented analysis and design using common design patterns.
  • ▪ Insight of Java and JEE internals (Class loading, Memory Management, action management etc.)
  • ▪ Experience in SpringBoot, Spring Framework, Hibernate/JPA, Java, JSON, REST, Microservices, MySQL, MongoDB,Docker and Kubernetes.
  • ▪ Experience in CI/CD tools and processes including GitHub, Jenkins, Maven, Chef/Ansible.
  • ▪ Implementations experience of micro-service integration, packaging, build automation and deployment.

Send us your CVs / Resume at with “JAVA MIRCO SERVICE DEVELOPER - ITA” mentioned in subject of the email latest by 17 May 2022.