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Working alongside clients, we aim to find solutions to pressing global issues of poverty, environmental sustainability, education and equality.

Commitment to our communities is one of KPMG's core values.

African Children

"At KPMG, we honor the core values that shape the culture across our member firms, including a strong commitment to our communities. These deeply-held values are aligned with the UN Global Compact's 10 principles and they are part of the foundation of how we conduct business. We believe strongly that responsible business practices contribute to broad-based development and sustainable markets." - John Veihmeyer, Chairman, KPMG International.

KPMG is a values-driven firm whose aim is to provide knowledge and expertise for the benefit of our clients, our people and our community. We believe that our responsibility to society goes beyond legal obligation – we are Citizens, therefore committed to protecting and enhancing our society by benefitting not just our business, but the environment and the community in which we operate.

Today, we aim to expand our reach by partnering with clients, NGO’s, and government organizations – after all they are each important stakeholders of the firm. It is these partnerships which enable for a greater impact to positively make a difference.

CSR drive at KPMG in Pakistan

Saving lives in Pakistan

The involvement from KPMG in Pakistan and around 120 of its staff members towards a blood donation initiative received praise from officials. The following an extract from the note received shortly after the initiative. “blood donation is the act of giving life. Your blood could save anyone from a little baby to an older individual.

KPMG in Pakistan also donated USD 10,000 to Nepal earthquake Relief in response to Global KPMG appeal which was launched some time back

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