Emerging Technology Risk

Emerging Technology Risk

Organizations can achieve tangible benefits from emerging technologies such as connected and mobile devices, social media, robotic process automation, 3-D printing or cloud computing. But in doing so, they must recognize and manage the risks that can accompany these technologies.

The transformation of risk into business opportunity occurs when an organization recognizes the potential benefits of combining new consumer-grade technology with business strategy. Opportunity grows by taking a holistic view of the related risks and responsibly demonstrating effective management of information technology (IT) through governance and controls, data integrity, security and privacy, and supplier management.

Technology is a key driver in enabling business. KPMG professionals help clients recognize and responsibly manage the risk and reward from the adoption of emerging technology. They are dedicated to helping organizations with that goal. This includes, social media, mobile technology, cloud computing, information technology risk management, wireless communications, connected devices, Blockchain technologies, 3-D printing, bio-technologies, and robotics.

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