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Tax Law Student Internship Program

Tax Law Student Internship Program


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The KPMG Tax Internship Program (TIP) is a carefully crafted program geared towards furthering KPMG’s zeal for mentorship and personal development. Keeping in mind the KPMG values and the drive to exceed the quality of internship programs which the other KPMG member firms have established through international awards and citations, the Tax Lawyers of KPMG R.G. Manabat & Co. (RGM&Co.) came up with the TIP which aims to develop interns through innovative intern-centered activities. The KPMG TIP features soft skills trainings, talks and tours hosted by government agencies we deal with such as the BIR and SEC, as well as technical trainings on Taxation and Corporate Law. Further, we are proud to highlight that mentorship is at the heart of the KPMG TIP as the interns are paired with lawyer-mentors who guide our law student interns through their RGM&Co. journey. 

We wish to share with you on this page some of the highlights of our experience with our 2019 tax law student interns as well as the past interns’ insights on the program. We encourage law students to join and apply for the KPMG TIP this year for a holistic, immersive and impactful tax internship. To law students seeking internship opportunities, we hope to see you soon in the Firm. 

Kathleen Teresa Ramos
Tax Law Student Internship Activities
tax internship photo

KPMG, in partnership with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), hosted an educational tour and lectures on the SEC structure and functions, primary registration procedures and updates on the salient provisions of the Revised Corporation Code. KPMG R.G. Manabat & Co.’s (RGM&Co.) recognizes the need to keep abreast of the latest SEC issuances and developments in corporate law. RGM&Co.’s practice areas include international taxation, domestic taxation and corporate law.

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Tax Assistant Manager and Tax Internship Committee Head Atty. Kathleen Teresa M. Ramos presents a token of appreciation to the SEC’s Atty. Sampaguita Ladrido and Mr. Jernel Macatangay for hosting our interns and sharing their expertise during the educational tour.

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KPMG Partners and Principals present certificates of appreciation to our interns during the cultimating activity for the Tax Internship Program (TIP). The KPMG TIP focused on intern-centered activities, to encourage the personal development of soft skills and technical skills. Interns were introduced to the culture of learning and mentorship in the Firm, where every person is a leader.

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Tax Assistant Manager Laurice Claire Peñamente holds a lecture on Basic International Taxation to brief the interns.

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Tax Assistant Manager Arik Aaron Abu leads the soft skills training on business writing.

In the inaugural edition of Our People: Tax Interns Edition, KPMG Tax Internship Program (TIP) mentor and Tax Assistant Manager Atty. Patrick Acosta shares how participating in the TIP helped grow his career in the Firm and how “power poses” can boost your confidence when taking exams. 

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