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Leading in 21st Century ASEAN

Leading in 21st Century ASEAN

KPMG CEO Outlook 2017


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leading in 21st century asean

In the 2017 Global CEO Outlook, 1261 CEOs from around the world, including ASEAN, discussed their unique challenges and opportunities with us. What we heard from CEOs in ASEAN make us believe that there is muted confidence in the global and natinal economy and optimism about their organization's prospects in the light of some geopolitical uncertainty. This make a shift in mindset among CEOs from the past year.

In 2018, we say CEOs recognizing the developments in the world of business and politics as more critical for their industry than the last 50 years and preparing to make transformative changes in their organizations. This year, the emphasis is more on the urgency to disrupt their industry before other playres in their sector force them to keep up or give up.

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