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Bittersweet culmination: Tax on sugar-sweetened beverages

Bittersweet culmination

by Rica Ysabelle L. Casiquin


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bittersweet culmination

The Philippines, being a tropical country, usually encounters high temperatures come summer time which fall during the months of March and April. Hence, it is not a surprise to know that almost all Filipinos love to indulge in a variety of cold drinks to beat the heat. As a matter of fact, a typical Filipino meal would normally include an ice cold drink such as carbonated drinks - (more commonly known as "soft drinks"), juices and coffee.

Filipinos' daily intake of these kind of drinks also proves that majority has an inclination towards sweet goods and thus, showcase the myriad ways Filipinos enjoy sweets. It is the propensity to indulge the Filipino sweet tooth which leads us to discuss an interesting matter relating to the proposed tax on sugar-sweetened beverages.

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