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The digital transformation of insurance:Getting fit for digital

The digital transformation of insurance


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the digital transformation

The insurer of the future will look drastically different than today's incumbent model. Technology has the potential to fundamentally change not only the way that consumers perceive and interact with their insurers, but also the role of insurance in everyday life. Instead of being a back-end purchase in the wake of decisions surrounding home, health, travel and more, insurance could instead become a major part of the front-end ecosystem. And we are already seeing the first steps of this change - but significant challenges bar the way forward. How should an organization meaningfully pursue industry-changing digital innovation?

Understanding the potential depth of change. Customer needs are changing, with digital products and purchase options becoming more critical for the modern consumer. Yet, the range of technologies used to enable digital services have varying business impacts. When we look at the potential of digital innovation, we can classify it into three levels: basic, transformative and disruptive.

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