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Staying Connected: KPMG in the Philippines' webinar series on managing through crisis

Staying Connected: KPMG in the Philippines' webinar series on managing through crisis

Staying Connected: KPMG in the Philippines' webinar series on managing through crisis

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The COVID-19 situation continues to evolve rapidly every day. As you work from home, staying connected is more important than ever. This webinar series aims to give you timely insights on the business impact of the pandemic and how you can steer your organization through crisis-level disruption. The webinar episodes are described below.  Just click on the episode bar and fill out the email registration form to register. Please note that you have to register separately per episode.

As slots are limited, we encourage you to register early!



Episode 11: Shared Services and Business Process Organizations: Resoluteness during COVID-19

Date:    26 May 2020

Time:    2:00-3:30PM


COVID-19 has created unprecedented disruption in both our lives and the global economy. It has affected every element of business – from the robustness of supply chains, to the stability of the financial markets, the availability of the labor force and the threat of rapidly waning customer demand.

In this episode, we will tackle issues and challenges faced by Shared Services and Business Process Organizations and what measures you can implement now and on a long-term basis.



Episode 10: Navigating the Impact of COVID-19: Economic Updates and Government Incentives

Date:    21 May 2020

Time:    10:00-11:00AM


In this episode, we will provide you an update on the impacts of COVID-19 on the Philippine economy. This will be followed by a discussion on the government's incentive packages from the perspective of business and industry leaders. Moreover, we will take a global perspective and examine the responses implemented by other countries in light of the current crisis.



Episode 9: Supply Chain in the midst of a Pandemic

Date:    19 May 2020

Time:    10:00-11:00AM

Now that globalization has paved the way for a strongly integrated world, local and international production networks are suffering due to the disruption caused by COVID-19. As country leaders and health officials trace the strain and decide containment strategies, supply chain leaders need to evaluate and plan for how this scenario will affect supply chains.

In this episode, we will share issues encountered in the logistics space and what measures supply chain leaders can implement now and on a long-term basis.  One of our speakers from the logistics and transport sector will share the challenges his organization faced and how they effectively responded to it. 



Episode 8: Strategies for Returning to Work

Date:    12 May 2020

Time:    10:00-11:00AM

With the lifting of the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) in most areas, Filipinos are preparing for the new normal at work and in their everyday lives. In this episode, we will share practical tips on what you should do to get your operations up and running post-ECQ.



Episode 7: We’ve Got You COVID: Reviewing the BIR’s Responses and Measures Part 2                                                                                       

Date:    08 May 2020

Time:    10:00-11:00AM

Taxation plays a critical role in keeping the Philippine Economy in good shape amidst COVID-19.  This webinar is an update on the BIR's responses and measures to combat the impact of the pandemic on Philippine Taxation and a discussion on other relevant tax concerns and issues that have yet to be addressed by the government.    



Episode 6: Staying Cyber Secure: Achieving Resilience Towards the New Normal                                                                                       

Date:    07 May 2020

Time:    10:00-11:00AM

KPMG member firms have observed different approaches organized by cybercriminals to launch spear-phishing attacks and have evolved their tactics by using COVID-19 themed materials, particularly on health updates, fake cures, fiscal packages, emergency benefits and supply shortages to lure targets and collect information and credentials. The current pandemic will drive significant changes in how you and your organization work, stay safe and stay secure. For this episode, we will provide you a better understanding on how you can protect your assets while achieving resilience as you transition to a new normal.



Episode 5: Managing Cash and Working Capital in Times of Crisis 

Date:    24 April 2020

Time:    10:00-11:00AM

The COVID-19 situation continues to evolve rapidly and the Enhanced Community Quarantine has been  further extended to the end of April. The past five weeks have affected the Philippine economy and this has posed significant challenges for business owners and management. 

Now more than ever, the need to better manage cash and working capital is brought to the fore. Join us and gain insights on ways to build and maintain a robust cash management strategy.



Episode 4: Implications of COVID-19 on Banks’ Risk Management

Date:    7 April 2020

Time:    10:00-11:00AM

COVID-19 has highlighted the banking system‘s critical importance in the economy.  Aside from the short-term impacts, banks and other lending institutions need to consider mid to longer term impacts to their businesses. In this session, we discuss the responses of some regulators in the ASPAC region to the crisis, and those of other banks in other markets.



Episode 3:  Business Continuity Amidst the Coronavirus Outbreak

Date:    6 April 2020

Time:    10:00-11:00AM

As an extended business interruption becomes more likely, organizations must constantly review their business continuity plans.  This episode is a discussion on the immediate, and medium-to-long term actions relevant to business continuity.  A robust business continuity plan underpins an organization’s ability to be resilient in crisis.



Episode 2: A Framework for Managing Through Crisis

Date:    2 April 2020

Time:    10:00-11:00AM

Organizations and their stakeholders are grappling with unprecedented challenges. Now, more than ever, business leaders and owners need to manage people, processes, and assets to survive. An effective crisis response can limit business interruption and the associated costs of a crisis and its aftermath. This webinar will provide insights and a framework to help enhance an organization’s response to the crisis.



Episode 1: We’ve Got You COVID: Reviewing the BIR’s Response to the Lockdown

Date:    1 April 2020

Time:    10:00-11:00AM

Regulators are expected to support government’s role in helping businesses and communities cope with an emergency.  This webinar reviews the recent responses of the Bureau of Internal Revenue and other regulators in the wake of the enhanced community quarantine, identifies the ambiguities these responses have created, and the potential solutions.




We intend to roll out future episodes that are relevant to your businesses’ needs.  Watch out for our future announcements! We look forward to your participation.

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