Our commitment:

Protect the health of our people — both physically and mentally — and enable them to be effective and productive.


We place great importance on our duty to care for our people. During the pandemic, our number one priority has been our people’s health and well-being.

Through our expanded listening strategy, which included running monthly COVID-19 pulse surveys, we brought our people together during the pandemic to share their experiences and talk about the support they needed — in both their work and personal lives. It enabled us to adapt, rapidly, to offer greater flexibility in working hours and support our people with home working. Our Next Generation Council also had plenty of useful ideas for improving how we respond to, and anticipate, our people’s needs.

World Mental Health Day Summit 2020

Listening in this way also alerted us to the disruption and stresses our people were experiencing because of COVID-19. In September 2020, we hosted a virtual World Mental Health Day Summit, where 6,000 people across more than 70 countries and territories joined Global Chairman & CEO, Bill Thomas, to hear personal stories from colleagues and external mental health advocates, and learn about coping strategies from experts and physicians. Additionally, we’ve provided additional expert support for our people, and all Global Board countries provide an employee assistance offering that includes mental health and well-being support.

Lockdowns notwithstanding, we’ve also been busy making our many locations safe for people to return to work. Throughout the pandemic, we’ve collaborated across countries and territories to ensure we learn from one another, helping to develop and adopt common principles for people returning to KPMG or client offices. From managing access to our buildings and implementing phased returns, to providing vital information to estate managers and workers via mobile apps, enhanced office cleaning and hygiene, we're demonstrating our commitment to protecting our people's health and well-being.

Our performance

In a recent internal COVID-19 people survey across 60 KPMG firms, which represent 61 percent of our global headcount, 87 percent of respondents said they’re confident that KPMG leaders will protect employee health and well-being, and 94 percent said they’re able to maintain focus on clients, goals and objectives despite their current challenges.

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