Major Projects Advisory

Major Projects Advisory

KPMG’s Major Projects Advisory assists clients in identifying and mitigating project risks throughout the project life cycle.

KPMG’s Major Projects Advisory assists clients in identifying and mitigating project risks

KPMG’s Major Projects Advisory (MPA) service in the UAE is a specially designed offering to the owners of major capital projects. It provides objective feedback around the health or status of projects promotes key decisions around cost, time and scope being made by project owners on a considered basis not by project owners or managers on a reactionary basis.

Are you facing any of the issues on major capital projects?

  • Projects have been propelled by the boom in the resources sector
  • Growth resulted from the need to triple world power generation in 20 years
  • Recovery from the chronic under spending by governments on infrastructure for many years
  • The rate of technology changes causing massive needs for business re-engineering
  • New technologies in areas such as telecommunications, power and utilities, mining driving new infrastructure needs
  • Increasing pressure from stakeholders to improve governance, reduce risk and improve project reporting quality

How we can help:

We have a focused approach which blends tested methodologies, skilled professionals and diversely experienced global resources to assist our clients to help foster their strategic and operational performance, by helping them to:

  • Better understand the dynamics of their projects and programmes, strategy methodology and business processes, including how they measure up to competitors
  • Identify the risks associated with their major projects, which is the essentially one of the first steps in effective portfolio risk management
  • Find opportunities to improve processes and develop action plans for achieving these improvements for major capital projects
  • Evaluate their innovation potential within the major projects arena.

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