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Forensic Technology Services

Forensic Technology Services

Improving business performance while maintaining the highest levels of business integrity and control across industries and around the globe.

Improving business performance while maintaining the highest levels of business ...

Forensic technology is becoming vital in preventing and detecting fraud and misconduct and in quantifying and recovering losses.

Our services include:

  • Pre-litigation readiness
  • Data analytics
  • Evidence and discovery management

The management, identification and mitigation of risk with multi-level operations relies heavily on information management. Using specialist technology, our forensic practice can support you, or your professional advisors, in investigating fraud and other financial crime by capturing, recording and analysing data.

Forensic technology is often employed to help organizations meet business goals at various junctures. Growth and efficiency can be supported by robust data management, storage, organization and extraction. Guidance on the misuse of data networks or other technologies helps reduce the risk of unauthorised use and evidence loss or damage. Similarly, data protection aids the depreciation and abuse of valuable information assets though the early evaluation of suspicions, threats or risks involving the potential use or misuse of data or technology.

Our teams can help:

  • Forensically secure, host or capture data from digital media, ensuring its integrity and safety should it be needed as evidence in the future
  • Provide a secure infrastructure to host and manage investigation data in volumes outside the scope of your own IT infrastructure
  • Ensure collected evidence is available for review, via a secure portal, by multiple approved users
  • Analyse data quickly and effectively, easily incorporating the findings into the investigation process or reporting
  • By offering a global network of technology professionals responding to the specific needs of your investigation
  • Gain information or explanations from people, systems or data, using experienced investigators with an established track record
  • Empower organizations with thorough and powerful tools for reporting findings and recommendations

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