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Our Solutions

Achieving compliance and organizing financial reporting processes

Achieving compliance and organizing financial reporting processes

Impact of new accounting standards

The International Accounting Standard Board (IASB) regularly
updates and issues new accounting standards. KPMG’s AAS team can assess their impact on your financial statements, highlight the difference between current and new requirements, advise on implementation, review retrospective transition calculations and methods used and train finance and non-finance personnel on the new developments.   

Restructuring, acquisitions, carve outs and IPOs

KPMG’s AAS teams can highlight relevant accounting standards, model
restructuring leading practice, indicate where management should make
accounting policy choices and judgments, devise structures that simplify
reporting lines and eliminate redundant entities.

Technical accounting analysis

AAS teams help clients prepare accounting position papers, provide accounting opinions to support the accounting treatment for a
particular transaction, provide second opinions and assist in preparing
response to regulator’s queries, as well as many other services.

Cash to accrual accounting (IPSAS)

AAS’s IPSAS team helps solve a range of issues, including preparing and presenting gap and impact analyses, training for the implementation of IPSAS and translating accounting impacts into tangible actions to help deliver required changes to an organization's budgeting, processes, people and IT systems.

Management reporting

The AAS team tailors solutions to meet management’s reporting needs, recommending a structured approach which balances accuracy, speed and transparency to enhance data quality.

Training programs

Our AAS team regularly provides IFRS training (on a range of different levels), annual IFRS updates, seminars on specific issues, IPSAS training and finance training for non-finance professionals.

Closing processes

As deadlines and other group reporting requirements tighten, KPMG’s AAS team can assist with the closing process and help meet reporting deadlines, assess and benchmark current activities against leading practice, identify areas for improvement, support tooling to manage the closing process and assist in the design of new processes.

Accounting policy manuals and financial statement assistance

Our AAS team can help prepare accounting policy manuals, review the
technical accuracy of clients’ accounting policy manuals, benchmark policies against industry standards, highlight accounting policy choices and their implications and help prepare statutory financial statements. 

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