Digital and Customer

Digital and Customer

KPMG understands that sustainable growth is achievable only when customers are put at the heart of the business.

KPMG understands that sustainable growth is achievable only when customers are put....

    Rising customer expectations and empowerment, non-traditional competitors, disruptive technologies and speed of change are all making experience led business transformation a strategic priority for organizations as they strive to lower costs and increase revenue.

    KPMG understands that sustainable growth is achievable only when customers are put at the heart of the business. Tailor made customer-centric strategies place your business as the clear customer choice. By deploying talented and cross-industry experienced individuals, we help businesses create innovative and practical strategies to grow your customer base through an enhanced customer experience while addressing internal challenges. 

    We can help you with:

    • Strategy for the digital era: Understand the opportunities and challenges digital forces (empowered customers, mobile, data,
    cloud and social) present and make explicit choices to enhance and sustain your competitive advantage

    • Customer-centric operating model: Transform from a product-centric
    to a customer-centric business by mastering the KPMG Nunwood Six Pillars (personalization, empathy, time and effort, resolution, expectations and integrity) of customer excellence to increase loyalty and advocacy.

    • Customer experience led cost optimization: Use our proven motivational design methodology to understand customers’ behavioral motivations, moments of truth and interaction costs to reduce over servicing and provide delight where it

    • Customer and revenue growth strategies: Discover enhanced revenue growth opportunities using customer insight, innovative proposition development, effective customer initiation and value-based pricing strategies

    • Omni-channel sales and service delivery: Optimize digital and traditional channel performance so that sales and service processes consistently improve value and customer experiences

    • Two-speed delivery model: Implement a two-speed operating
    model to quickly innovate anddeliver projects with the agility
    and flexibility required to rapidly take corrective actions based on market response and changing customer expectations

    • Descriptive to prescriptive insights: Use data to not only inform you on what has happened but also what is likely to happen and the most appropriate course of action at every decision point and customer interaction

    • Assisted transformation: Implement transformation initiatives with reduced risks, faster time to market and increased confidence of realizing benefits by leveraging our experts’ experience, industry
    knowledge, exclusive partnerships and alliances, assets and
    proven methods

        Strategy & Operations teams can assist our firms’ clients with:
    rapid value procurement ocuses on optimizing strategic sourcing, consolidation of the supply base, improved contract management, improved inventory management through purchase execution and procurement process effectiveness.
    working capital management designs and embeds approaches to develop and implement visibility, control and generation of cash and working capital across the business operations.
    supply chain optimization  advises on lean manufacturing, lean six sigma, operations, product lifecycle management, logistics, sourcing, and distribution.
    business integration advises on mergers of business organizations (called post merger integration), shortly after a deal is finalized or years after many mergers have been executed.
    customer management provide insights in to managing the entire life cycle of a customer, helps with visibility into customer segmentation and assists in increase customer retention and acquisition.

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