Pandemic PMO planning as part of an overall resilience strategy

KPMG can:

  • Establish a pandemic planning team consisting of HR, finance, procurement, marketing & communications, IT, legal
  • Review the organization’s risk assessment and conduct impact analysis to confirm critical business sites, processes, products, services, and a prioritized list of customers that will be the focus of continued operations during a pandemic event
  • Review/update home office policy, business continuity plans, IT set up, legal considerations

Telehealth policy advisory and implementation support

  • Conduct discussions with the client to understand the aims and objectives of the particular telehealth solution to be developed
  • Develop a telehealth value framework outlining key criteria for prospective telehealth services to be covered (e.g. remote consultations on Covid-19 disease patterns)
  • Benchmark research on global telehealth vendors and selection exercise

Covid-19 hygiene adherence certifications and real time monitoring

  • Increase public hygiene standards amid the coronavirus outbreak by issuing directives and guidelines 
  • Develop guideline for enhancing hygiene and sanitization as well as safety measures in jobs requiring human contact*
  • Develop and implement process for continuous real time monitoring of staff and customer adherence to the guideline
  • Issue certificates of compliance

Covid-19 infection control policy review and gap assessment

  • Review existing Covid-19 infection control policies developed by health authorities or public/private health operators
  • Conduct gap assessment by comparing recently developed Covid-19 infection control policies with leading global benchmarks
  • Provide concluding remarks on validation/recommendation for amendments to comply with leading health practices

Managing cash flow

Cancellation of non Covid-19 procedures and staff absences may reduce activity and threaten liquidity in some providers, requiring support around liquidity management and cost improvement. KPMG can assist healthcare entities in navigating complex financial issues

Administrative support to insurance claims

Particularly in the healthcare market, clients need support to make claims to commercial insurers for business interruption (to help quantify the damages suffered) and/or public assistance claims

Governance, compliance and risk management

Procedures that ensure decisions are made by the right people and communications are clear and consistent. Tracking compliance with things like respiratory protection or cleanliness protocols. Further, KPMG can support both healthcare providers and regulators in developing/managing their Covid-19 crisis management communications 

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