Claims and disputes management

With many projects facing disruption due to Covid-19, disputes over claims and variations may have further impact on the project delivery. KPMG’s forensics specialists have the tools to support you in accelerating the claim/dispute handling process while allowing management to focus on other business aspects, through independent claims assessment.

Procurement and contract administration

The outbreak of Covid-19 will potentially expose organizations to contractual risks due to procurement management, logistics, productivity, regulatory changes, resourcing and provisions within the contracts. KPMG’s team boasts a strong background in contract administration and can assist organizations assess and monitor risks, and create risk mitigation strategies.

Facility management

The current situation mandating that employees work from home with workplace/commercial space utilization metrics requires stringent safety and hygiene measures. This indicates new norms for facility management. KPMG’s specialists can assist organizations with cost optimization through innovative technology solutions, facilitating long term contracts and partnerships, and establishing sanitization and hygiene operation and monitoring mechanisms with the latest technological interfaces.

Project recoverability assessment

Distressed projects which may require debt restructuring would have to establish the current valuation of the project under execution. Our team of specialists can provide an unbiased, fact-based opinion on the recoverability and amounts of recoverability of each of the balances of the receivables related to these distressed projects, with insight on the tentative time needed for recoverability and whether the balances of the receivables are tenable from a technical, financial and/or contractual standpoint for further debt restructuring.

Loan restructuring

Most projects would not be able to cater for the financial disruption caused by Covid-19 within existing contingency plans. KPMG can facilitate negotiations between parties across the spectrum of debt situations- from new borrowings to credit restructuring.

Project management office (PMO)

Post the crisis, organizations would be expected to adopt advanced technologies for remote monitoring and project management. Limiting the physical presence of only the ground execution workforce, project management office will have to adapt to remote but real time decision making through technology interfaces. KPMG’s inhouse-developed tools will help managements leverage real time data remotely and improve decision making, with assurance on data security.

Operating model

The changing environment around the real estate and construction industry will need to re-look at operational strategies. KPMG can assist organizations in realigning and streamlining the operating model and governance structure to ensure that it supports the revised business strategy. 

Work force and cost optimization

Many organizations may face a decline in revenue and margins due to mandated restrictions on movement and restriction on working conditions. KPMG can assist in defining the optimum strategic workforce for your business keeping in mind future outlook, re-aligning employee roles and costs with evolving business conditions.

Organizational restructuring

KPMG’s team of experts can help you transform and grow your businesses and navigate the financial impacts of Covid-19. Our restructuring experts and specialized tools can assist you to rapidly identify solutions while securing common internal and external stakeholder understanding and buy-in.

Supply chain optimization

KPMG’s local resources and global reach can offer supply-chain insights that matter the most in the current scenario. We can assist you to overcome supply chain challenges effectively by considering global exposure trends in supply chain, and support your organization with contract reviews and negotiation strategies.

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