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Oman banking perspectives 2019

Oman banking perspectives 2019

Oman banking perspectives 2019


A digital, regulated and sustainable future

Oman banking perspectives 2019

Developments in technology and regulation are having a transformative effect on the current landscape of the Oman banking sector. Banks would therefore do well to swiftly adapt and pioneer practices and products that cater to gaps in the market or improve operational efficiency and competitive positioning.

Our latest publication sets out some of the key issues and trends affecting the global banking industry today, with a focus on Oman. This report is based on our subject matter experts' knowledge of Oman’s banking industry, allied with detailed analysis of the top banks’ financial performance.

Our evaluation of the key financial indicators for the past year suggests a positive outlook for the banking sector in Oman, with promising profit growth that has only slightly been tempered by the introduction of new standards and regulations.

Key themes

  • Innovation and technology: How do organizations remain alert and responsive to technological developments, by innovating rather than 'renovating'?
  • Regulation and risk: Can banks build more robust anti-money laundering and sanction compliance frameworks, through the effective use of technology?
  • Culture and sustainability: What is the role of sustainable reporting in a bank, and what are the environmental and social opportunities?

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