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Frontiers in Finance

Frontiers in Finance

Latest market insights and forward-looking perspectives for financial services leaders and professionals

Latest market insights and forward-looking perspectives for financial services leaders

Shaping your workforce for the future

In this issue of Frontiers in Finance, we focus on workforce transformation by examining the evolving relationship between humans and machines, cultural change and key talent strategies. We also interviewed top human resources leaders from AIA, Aviva, Charles Schwab and Westpac for their practical insights in navigating today’s complex and uncertain landscape.

In an era where computers influence many of our most critical decisions and machines work alongside humans to serve customers, trust is everything. In our article, Trust in a Digital Age, Jim Liddy, Global Financial Services Chairman, shares his views on how data and analytics, machines, talent and capabilities will come together for better business decision-making, and the importance trust will play in the process.

The workforce challenge facing financial services executives is daunting. New technologies, demographic and cultural changes are radically transforming traditional operating models. Adapting to new organizational structures, understanding how to inspire and engage employees, and driving innovation, will be key to achieving long-term success.

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