Payroll health checks

The payroll environment in New Zealand is becoming more complex with issues ranging from payroll tax and employment obligations through to administration of the Holidays Act 2003. KPMG offers a wide range of services and opportunities for meeting the challenges of payroll administration. Based on our experience and market leading expertise on tax and specifically payroll matters, we have unique insight into the key payroll issues facing organisations and the expertise to assist. Examples of payroll issues which we have identified and managed for other clients include:

  • Treatment of taxable and non-taxable allowances
  • Calculation of tax on emoluments and discretionary income components
  • Categorisation of income and the implications for ACC, working for families, student loans etc.
  • Fraud identification and management
  • Consideration of taxable benefits in kind
  • Management and reporting of bonuses
  • Employee share scheme management and taxation
  • Non-compliance with delegated authority structure and policies and procedures 
  • Leave calculation and management
  • Lack of adequate internal control
  • Security of payroll system and related information.

A timely payroll review assists with the identification and management of key risks and further, creates opportunities for process improvement in areas such as:

  • General payroll handling and process
  • Cost reduction
  • Process optimisation
  • Time efficiency
  • IT infrastructure
  • System and management controls.

Our multidisciplinary team leverages our collective industry expertise to create the best solution for an organisation.

How can KPMG assist?

KPMG’s team of payroll tax experts are available to provide bespoke and wide ranging support to ensuring organisations are correctly calculating and managing payroll tax obligations. Our services cover a wide range of compliance and advisory support.