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The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed risk reduction, resilience, and sustainable growth to the top of public, board, and legislative agendas. As such, we have a unique opportunity to do things differently – to dramatically reshape and improve the trajectory of our world. Many governments are relying on infrastructure investment to stabilise and stimulate economies battered by the novel coronavirus. KPMG New Zealand has united our respected Infrastructure, Sustainability, and Deals Advisory teams to support private and public sector asset developers, operators and investors in four key areas: 

Climate Change

Climate change and decarbonisation

Infrastructure industry participants are committed to helping develop solutions to the climate crisis. To do so, they must first access reliable information to understand the climate change-driven impacts on their assets and the inter-connected ecosystems.

By quantifying the financial, physical, regulatory, reputational and transitional risks, infrastructure developers and operators can take the most effective steps to decarbonize their businesses and transform their organizations for a sustainable future.

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True Value

To obtain coveted project approvals, win contracts and secure financing, infrastructure developers, owners and operators must show how their activities and assets impact society from an economic, social and environmental perspective. However, until recently, it has been difficult to present a clear, holistic view of the value created by infrastructure programs.  

Now, KPMG’s methodology provides a comprehensive means to express the overall value that projects create or reduce for society, enabling asset developers, owners and operators to provide transparent ESG disclosure to stakeholders and enable decision-making that contributes to sustainable development.

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True Value

ESG investments

Much of the investment industry is focused on incorporating Environmental, Social and Governance principles (ESG) into their investing mandates and portfolio holdings. The result is that investors must identify and track complex ESG considerations for infrastructure opportunities in the debt and equity markets. Similarly, infrastructure developers and operators must embed ESG criteria in their projects, and across their asset lifecycles, to attract investor and lender interest. KPMG helps clients understand the ESG risks, liabilities and compliance issues related to asset transactions, to safeguard asset value and support business growth.

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Sustainable finance

Although sustainable development is critical to reducing the harm of climate change, historically it was difficult to attract the necessary capital to sustainable projects due to unfamiliar investment risks. Now, through regulation and incentives, governments and the financial industry are encouraging Sustainable Finance, to mobilize capital towards sustainable infrastructure and green technologies. KPMG helps bring together infrastructure developers and investors, helping them explore, create and partner in innovative sustainable finance programs that can strengthen our planet.

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Sustainable Finance

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