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Human activities have already altered our climate system and will continue to do so. Over the past century, surface temperatures have risen relentlessly with increasingly evident impacts on our physical, biological and economic systems. The choices that organisations make today will fundamentally reshape their value, while determining the extent of global climate change and our collective capacity to adapt. KPMG IMPACT helps public and private sector organisations make informed choices and report their results with confidence. Our services include:

Adaptation and resilience

  • Assessment of climate-related risks and opportunities
  • Maturity assessments and gap analyses
  • TCFD-aligned scenario development and stress testing
  • Development of ISO 14090-compliant climate change strategies and plans
  • Change management and leadership training


  • Identification and financial analysis of abatement options
  • Development of emission reductions strategies and business cases
  • Development of science-based emissions targets
  • Development of emissions inventories using GHG Protocol, ISO 14064-1, sector specific variants or ISA/ASAE 3410
  • Verification of emissions inventories

Carbon offsetting

  • Development of commercial strategies to manage carbon asset liabilities and opportunities 
  • Design of large-scale, integrated carbon farming projects

Carbon disclosure and reporting

  • Preparation, pre-assurance or assurance of Climate-related Financial Disclosures
  • Preparation or verification of CDP submissions 

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