Enterprise DNA programme

Enterprise DNA programme

Our Enterprise DNA programme is based on 8 traits that high performing businesses share, we work with you to build these and unlock high performance.

Enterprise DNA programme's 8 modules will help increase your business performance.

You have worked hard and have a successful business with ambitions to grow. We understand the problems that New Zealand businesses face and are committed to helping businesses like yours fulfil your potential. 

Our Enterprise DNA programme is based on 8 traits that high performing businesses share, over the course of the programme we work with you to build these traits into your business and enable your high performance. 

If you are enthusiastic and open to change in order to get to the next step on your journey, we can help.

Our Assess, Build and Coach approach to the programme means we are alongside you on this journey, helping and supporting your development.

We will assess your current needs, build the capability for high performance and provide ongoing coaching to ensure continuous performance improvement.


Assess Build Coach
Our Assess phase will identify you ambitions and priorities. We will conduct a series of workshops and interviews to ascertain current practice and assess the changes required to achieve best practice.
We will also consider your current market and competitive positioning, the business environment and internal capability.
Through the Build phase we will focus on improved work practices that you can implement.
Together we will set clear, realistic challenging and outcome orientated goals. Building capability is a key part of this module and ensures that you have the capability to sustain the progress using your own resources.
The Coaching phase ensures that the programme objectives are measurable by establishing reporting dashboards and other regular assessment tools. You will be able to share your experiences and challenges through a forum for participants past and present, of the programme to encourage collaboration, problem solving and sharing best practice.


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