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Climate Change & Sustainability Services

Climate Change & Sustainability Services

KPMG works with clients to help identify and understand the sustainability risks and opportunities for businesses.

We work with clients to understand sustainability risks and opportunities for business.

Business is facing a perfect storm of trends in terms of our environment (water stress and scarcity, energy stress, climate change, biodiversity loss) and society (population and demographic changes, shifting consumer wealth, urbanisation).

To thrive in a future very different from today, all businesses need to begin to understand how they are impacted and develop strategies to manage the new normal.

To help business address the commercial realities of our changing world, there are a large number of frameworks and standards being developed and constantly improved.

These include developments such as the recognition and measurement of non-financial impacts, the use of communication and reporting frameworks that recognise non-financial value drivers. Further regulatory changes in the New Zealand context drive increasing pressure on disclosing non-financial information.

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