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Strategy through execution we can help you with growth strategy, enterprise wide strategy, operational and deal strategy.

We can help with growth strategy, enterprise wide strategy, operational and deal strategy.

We have placed a world-class management consulting capability at the heart of our firm. As an important subset, strategy consulting recognizes that even though opportunities abound as never before, resources remain scarce and return on investment is paramount.

Strategy development with KPMG is a collaborative, non-linear process. Our proprietary 9 levers of value framework combined with a Design thinking approach ensures robust and creative solutions are developed and executed.

We are a relationship business, in it for the long-haul. We can help you make strategic business decisions about growth, operational improvement and restructuring. We're ready to help you tackle enterprise-wide issues spanning multiple geographies, through to assisting individual business units to meaningfully contribute to business goals.
We believe there is no substitute for local knowledge and with experienced, capable people on the ground, we can respond quickly and effectively.

Growth strategy

  • Drive step-change growth
  • Access new and unmet revenue and profit pools
  • Drive top-quartile performance

Enterprise wide strategy

  • Set a clear direction under new or existing leadership
  • Plan for long-term success in a disruptive environment
  • Align stakeholder and market expectations around a clear journey

Operational strategy

  • Improve financial returns from existing offering / business model
  • Improve the operating models alignment to your strategy
  • Optimise the operating model

Deal strategy

  • Acquire capabilities, technology or access to new markets, products or clients
  • Raise capital / release cash
  • Refocus corporate portfolio

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