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News -- Private sector’s aspirational goal to boost NZ’s GDP

Private sector’s aspirational goal to boost NZ’s GDP

A group of senior business leaders from large corporates, the education sector and technology companies have joined forces and set a five-year goal of doubling the growth rate of New Zealand’s GDP per capita through innovation.


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The Strategic Insights Panel was created six months ago by retail bank ASB and KPMG after having conversations with customers about what more the private sector could do to boost New Zealand’s economic growth and resolve the rising gap between the haves and have-nots.

The 50-strong group has three workstreams under way, two of which it hopes to have completed before the September general election.

KPMG partner Simon Hunter is heading one of the workstreams, to enable a more collaborative innovation eco-system. It has surveyed around 200 organisations involved in various sectors and mapped out what a healthy innovation eco-system would look like.

Simon says, "The group has taken the idea of iti nui – doing lots of little things, from Te Hono, the group of agribusiness leaders.  The idea is that by sharing the knowledge one group at a time, each group does something to improve how it operates. If the groups then start collaborating with each other, the eco-system begins to speed up.'

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