New Zealand is reaching the point in our Covid-19 response where we are learning to live with the virus and find a balance of social and economic activity which still maintains the safety of our communities.

KPMG New Zealand has carefully considered how we will operate our business under this framework in a way that manages the safety of our people, clients and the public alongside the greater freedoms we will be embracing.

KPMG New Zealand’s Covid-19 Protection Guidelines have been developed in accordance with the government’s New Zealand Covid-19 Protection Framework and with engagement from our people. It also takes into consideration the approaches taken by many of our clients and key stakeholders. 

Access to KPMG premises

From 3 December 2021 proof of vaccination will be required to access KPMG premises and attend KPMG-run events. This includes KPMG employees, clients, visitors, contractors, tradespeople etc. Visitors will be asked to verify their vaccination status as part of sign-in at reception. Face coverings are encouraged when entering and leaving our premises.

Being fully vaccinated means you have received all applicable doses of a Government approved Covid-19 vaccine and are able to show proof of vaccination via My Vaccine Pass. People under the age of 12 years and 3 months are not required to show proof of vaccination.

Access to client (and other business partner) premises

Where clients and others require proof of Covid-19 vaccination to enter their premises, we will work with our employees, clients and others to protect the safety and privacy of our people, meet client requirements and support their business needs, and comply with the  New Zealand Covid-19 Protection Framework.

Client (or other business partner) requires proof of vaccination:

KPMG will provide assurance that all employees attending client premises have valid proof of vaccination. Where specific premises require demonstration of proof of vaccinations, employees will be required to provide such proof, such as via My Vaccine Pass.

Client (or other business partner) does not require proof of vaccination:

KPMG will consult its employees about attending premises where proof of vaccination is not required, with concerns relating to any increased safety risk addressed on a case-by-case basis. Rates of vaccination, other controls and individuals’ views will be taken into account. Employees who are not vaccinated may have the opportunity to attend these premises if relevant and appropriate.

The KPMG requirements outlined on this page sit alongside the other elements of the government’s New Zealand Covid-19 Protection Framework in the different traffic light levels, including face coverings, physical distancing, limits on in-person gatherings, contract tracing etc.

Our guidelines may be adjusted from time to time, if and when additional guidance is received from the Ministry of Health.

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