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Wealth and Funds Management Publication 2019

Wealth and Funds Management Publication 2019

A snapshot of New Zealand's wealth and funds management sector.

The release of our 2019 Wealth and Funds Management Publication comes at a fascinating time for the industry. We are currently undergoing a period of change and opportunity, from a rise in consumer expectations and technology, to increased regulator scrutiny and influence from global trends. The velocity and variety of change is significant and is unlikely to slow down anytime soon.

This publication, titled ‘An evolving landscape’, is intended to provide a snapshot of New Zealand’s wealth and funds management sector, as observed by our contributors. Alongside our KPMG (local and global) contributors, we are fortunate to hear from the Financial Markets Authority's CEO, Rob Everett on conduct and culture, and also John Berry, Co-founder and CEO of Pathfinder Asset Management on responsible investment.

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